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Went too another track day with my 7

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  • Went too another track day with my 7

    Drove first two session in rain... What is hard core. Drive the car with no door wind whield. on almost slick like RA1... no Traction even on straight line.. car will spin the wheel even in 4th gear... but feel the water coming from my brand new "Personal" steering wheel. that is price less

    the rain dry in the afternoon. finally can do some attack. the surface just dont have enought grip. i am over steering crazy at turn 5 and 6 before the bowl, but I finally get down to 1.30.005 dam at that time i know i will be able to brake into 29.xx but a i runing into a evo is doing his cool down lap in the enterance of skip pads.. get da lift there. so that cause my lap time a lot ... i never get another chance to brake down into 29. next time i will consider to change a aligment setup. mabe use different compount of tires to see... my final target of this car will be 25... hopely i can do it at end of this year

    BTW the track is street willow. with shorter turn 4

    wonder what is every one's lap time over here
    and i might going to a track event at BW april hope i can see some of you guys there
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    Buttonwillow in April is not yet open for signup but so far several people who post here are likely to go.
    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted