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2007 Track Schedule for So. Cal. Sevens

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  • 2007 Track Schedule for So. Cal. Sevens

    Hi all,

    Indeed, the 2007 schedule of track events is starting to emerge from the smokey depths of sanctioning body board rooms. I've checked into NASA, the AROSC, and the LASAAC (and others) to see what's up and would like to pose a few suggestions, observations, comments and the like.

    Before diving into 2007, it's important to recap with a few So. Cal. observations from 2006. A general comment (despite a rude Head Instructor's bias at Thunderhill); our group of 'Seven' enthusiasts is becoming a very capable group of drivers: smooth, quick and consistent. I feel comfortable around you guys at speed and enjoy returning to the pits to talk about our sessions.

    Gert, Stan and Doug began their seasons at the AROSC time trial school in February. These schools feature track, wet/dry skidpad and classroom sessions, and are one of the best values for instruction dollar a driver could spend. Next, we descended in-mass upon Buttonwillow in April for our first taste of NASA. I was impressed with the organization, and heard a lot of positive comments from within our group. (This event is chronicaled in the
    September '06 Lowflying). On my own agenda, I returned to Buttonwillow over Memorial Day weekend for the AROSC 2-1/2 hour enduro, co-driving with Tony Adamowicz. Doug also attended this event for the time-trial, and provided valuable and essential assistance during our enduro pit-stop. In August, a few of us So. Californians got our first taste of Thunderhill: YES, very tasty! This despite Woody's best efforts to get us hopelessly lost in the back roads of, well, wherever the Hell we were in, as he described it, "God's Country." 1,400 mile round trip and I'm looking forward to doing it again. Finally, we (most of us, anyway) closed the '06 season with another NASA event at Buttonwillow, running Counterclockwise 13. The track rocks in this direction! As a plus, my Internet friends from England, Roger and Barbara Swift joined us for this event, and provided us with an official Lotus Seven Club of Great Britain garage banner!

    So, what for next year? Except for the Northern California group (Woody, Pierre, Michael, and others?), I haven't seen any migration to the installation of roll cages, as required for NASA racing. We seem pretty happy doing the HPDE thing; it's great track time, good instruction and feedback at the downloads, and we can run with the FIA (or equivalent) rollbars on our cars (for '07 I'd suggest we agree on HPDE-3 so we all run together). If I were to devise a strategy for '07, it would be one that allows us a taste of timed
    and/or wheel-to-wheel competition, but allows our cars to remain configured as they are, and also maintains at least the level of safety we have enjoyed this past year. Still with me? Here we go with my 2-cents worth of suggestions for 2007:

    Feb. 3 & 4 - AROSC race-group school, Streets of Willow
    Feb. 17 & 18 - AROSC at Pahrump (race or TT)
    March 17 & 18 - NASA HPDE-3 at Cal. Speedway (enter early!)
    April 14 & 15 - LASAAC at Streets of Willow; or
    NASA at Buttonwillow
    May 26 & 27 - AROSC Enduro at Buttonwillow (or TT)
    August 11 & 12- NASA HPDE-3 at Thunderhill
    Sept. 1 & 2 - AROSC race-group school, Streets of Willow
    Oct. 13 & 14 - AROSC at Willow Springs (race or TT)
    Nov. 10 & 11 - NASA HPDE-3 at Buttonwillow

    That's enough for now. A few more events will likely come along to fill in the gaps. So, whadoyathink? I'm looking forward to hearing your comments and feedback!
    Best regards,

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    Good plan! ......although it exceeds my annual budget of 4-5 track days :)

    I am leaning to Feb 3, April 14 LASAAC, Oct. 13 and Nov. 10

    And I time I am going to sign up with HPDE3

    Thunderhill would be nice but only a week before the Northwest Tour, i.e. I don't want to risk breaking anything.

    There is also a NASA event in Reno June 24/25 which would be tempting

    ....same distance as Thunderhill via 395, maybe a little slower but nicer road.

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      In spite of the 1 bad session at Thill on the 1st day overall I've found the NASA events to be pretty well organized and effectively run so I'm likely to focus most of my attentions in that direction. My most recent outing at Bwillow was outstanding - lots of track time and a good group of other drivers and an excellent group leader (I hope he's still around next year). I'm going to stay in 3 for a while but I hope to move up to 4 / TT, maybe late in the year once I get more experience and consistency. Ultimately TT may be the place for me, although I do have lots of interest in running an enduro, either alone or w/ a team.

      I do have some interest in running w/ the AR club and may possibly do so, perhaps at the Sts. for their school in Feb (depending on rain). Otherwise, my interest in the Streets has dimmed so on the event of a conflicting date between it and Bwillow you will find me towing up the 5.

      I'm w/ Gert on the Reno Fernley track. It looks like a hoot and I'm willing to make the haul up there, at least once. A return to Thill isn't out of the question for me either as I love the track, and them thar NorCal fellers ain't too bad 'a company neither.

      I likely won't be able to put in the NASA / SCCA spec roll cage next year. Personally I prefer the Caterham cage and for the life of me I can't understand why a cage that works all over the world isn't considered adequately safe here :-\ Pbbbbbt.

      The best news for me is that I'll be living at home again soon, which will allow me to induldge this particular addiction more frequently next year. WooHoo!
      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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        I'm interested in the AROSC school in Feb and would have to choose the April NASA/Buttonwillow event over Streets/LASAAC any day.

        My friend across the street says that Reno/Fernley is his absolute favorite track including all of those mentioned. The only negative about that track was that he crashed his 450 HP Shelby vintage racer trying to keep up with some 7s. No great surprise there....


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          Originally posted by moosetestbestanden
          Personally I prefer the Caterham cage and for the life of me I can't understand why a cage that works all over the world isn't considered adequately safe here :-\ Pbbbbbt.
          Chris, as an architect you should know that regulations and logic are mutually exclusive.....

          But, on the other hand I don't understand why somebody would convert a very good looking Seven into a cross between shark cage and battleship :)


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            But, on the other hand I don't understand why somebody would convert a very good looking Seven into a cross between shark cage and battleship
            Good point. I think I'll have to get a 2nd car! :-O
            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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              Hmmm, just got the email flyer reminding me of the AROSC TT mid January on the Willows big track. Considering the likely smaller crowd (compared with NASA) that makes me think about it. Not really cheaper, though.....Anybody else going?



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                I got that email too, but wasn't sure if I would qualify for attendance since I have only taken their novice time trial school (last spring). However, after reading the rules it sounds like I would just need to fill out "time trial license application" at the track, and put an X on the back of my car, and I'm good to go. But looking closer, rule B under "Competition License" says:
                All non-AROSC Licensed Drivers (Novice Drivers) must participate in the Time Trial Driver's School each day at the track event.
                Since this isn't a school event, are we allowed to participate? Maybe Clark would know.


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                  Not sure, either.......but sometimes (last April??) we went to Buttonwillow with AROSC and participated in the time trials already IIRC. And I remember having the cross on the car.


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                    Originally posted by slomove
                    There is also a NASA event in Reno June 24/25 which would be tempting

                    Oops, I think that was on the 2006 calendar. No NASA plans for Reno Fernley yet. Too bad.....


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                      I went out to the Reno/Fernley track a few weeks ago when I was visiting my dad at Xmas. It looks challenging with lots of elevation changes. The track is out in the middle of nowhere though!



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                        AROSC at Willow Springs Big Track


                        Anyone interested in attending the AROSC TT at the Willow Springs Big track this coming weekend (Jan 13 & 14 - Brrrrrrrr!) is eligible to compete. If you have not yet been issued an AROSC TT license, they will place you in Novice TT which means you're required to put an 'X' on the back of your car and attend a download/training after each track session.

                        Best wishes,


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                          AROSC Driving School - February 3 & 4

                          Hello again and Welcome to the 2007 Season!

                          The AROSC has just posted their driving school notice on the club's website. You can access it at:

                          If others with Sevens are interested and willing, in particular, Magnus, Chris, Gert, Stan, Doug, Brad, Rod, and any N. Californians or others I might have missed(?), I'd be willing to petition the AROSC to allow us in the Race school. Their rules state a TT license is needed, but in the past couple of years we've (particularly the group listed above) accumulated considerable track experience, and from what I've seen on-track, I believe that if the desire to take the next step is there, each one of us is ready.

                          I'd hoped we would have the AROSC enduro this year to compete in, but so far the AROSC has not scheduled it. But this is not a great loss. With the Race school behind us, we'd be eligible to enter AROSC racing events as well as their TT's.

                          Please post your preferences.
                          Best wishes,


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                            tech insp.

                            Will you be at the Streets for the Alfa school Feb 3 and 4? Are you willing to do a tech inspection there? I'm going for the Adv. time trial class.
                            Scott E


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                              Tech for AROSC School at Streets


                              I'm planning to arrive at the "STREETS" Saturday morning around 7:00AM (road construction permitting). I'll be happy to tech your car then, or I'll arrange for one of the other inspectors do it for you.

                              Best wishes,