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Laguna Beach car show and blat.

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  • Laguna Beach car show and blat.

    I posted an event on about the weekly car show on Saturdays just north of Laguna Beach.
    Drop by and say hello on Jan 17.

    Afterwards I was thinking of hitting Lake Elsinore by the route of PCH and Ortega Highway. Bring anything that corners and join us!

    /Magnus F.

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    Brief report.


    The seven turnout was close to 0 since my SV was the only one there.

    The show itself, though, is a study in an extremely rapid development.

    When I was there a few weeks before Christmas, there were maybe 50 cars and a couple of hundred people.

    Yesterday, Speed channel was there filming well above 100 cars, and the place was packed. I came just before 8:00, and I had no chance in hell in getting a place in the main parking area. Later I managed to snatch a spot from a guy who was leaving.

    This is a complete spontaneous event with the only organization being a couple of cones blocking of the area and a few signs asking us not to park at the curb. Quite amazing.

    The Caterham had a permanent crowd of 3-10 people who were literally crawling under the car (not a small feat with my adjustable springs set very low). It was show and tell for two straight hours. And this was in competition with a bunch of Ferraris (including an F40) that I was parked among. Several very nice veteran cars were there together with the usual crowd of American muscle and testosterone imports. A BMW 2002 ti automatic in mint condition caught my eye together with several very nice 356:es and a few Panteras.

    Since I was completely occupied explaining the virtues of a Seven, I managed to snap only one picture, which I will post as soon as I manage to find the USB cable for my camera.

    I am off to Sweden this Saturday, but will try to attend to the show more regurlary when I get back.

    The event is definitely worth a visit.

    /Magnus F.


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      Next time?

      are you going again sometimes? When I have my car rolling again (in a week or two) the I would be interested. How long does it take?



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        I guess people start to arrive at seven in the morning. At ten things are definetly thinning out. I guess that it would take you about 1.5 hours to do the drive from Pasadena (110 south, 5 south, 55 south, PCH south, left on Crystal Heights).

        If my schedule doesn't get messed up (again), I'll be there Feb 14 next time.

        /Magnus F.