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  • Streets of Willow 2007

    Please note the two Alfa events (Feb and Sept) and the two Shelby events (April and August) at the Streets of Willow for next year.

    Shelby open track days and the Alfa Street performance and Time Trial Schools have been well run events in the past.

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    Thanks for the info!

    You know if the Alfa Club event in February is the driving school? The club web site does not say.

    I am also wondering if we can find some interest in the NASA events for Willow Springs big track (Feb. or May). This was my very first track experience some 3 or 4 years ago and I would really like to try that again. Little chance against the Vettes and Vipers but an opportunity to see how fast the car can actually go (even at Buttonwillow you got to brake before the speed is maxed out).



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      Yes the Alfa event in Feb. is the Street Performance and time trial school. Also the one in Sept. is their school.

      Alfa has a time trial in January at the big track at Willow.

      The track the event is on is the column heading in the link below.

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        I'd like to go to the Shelby event in April @ Streets.

        I might attend an event @ the big track. However, the memory of Mr. Bedard being punted off turn 9 @ 90 MPH backwards is still a bit sobering. The Alfa driver who smacked him from behind "didn't see him". Always have wondered what the hell he was looking at while going around one of the fastest turns on the track. Admittedly a yellow 7 right in front of you would be difficult to see on a clear day... I really prefer to run with other 7s where I can trust the other guys.


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          I am also very interested in the Shelby event in April @ Streets.

          My fenders should stay on this time.