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Sevens Autocrossing in the Southland

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  • Sevens Autocrossing in the Southland

    Hi All,

    there is a discussion within the emerging USA7s club of organizing Autocrossing events with mostly Sevens (and maybe some guests) running. The idea would not be so much a highly competitive event but rather a day of car and setup testing with a limited number of like minded participants and much more seat time than typical SCCA events.

    Obviously there is a lot of interest in the mid-atlantic region. I was somewhat skeptical about our area, seeing that we rarely get more than 10 cars together for a trackday. But who knows....

    The new club is going to get insurance coverage for Autocross events and therefore the event fee would be nominal, maybe $20 to $30 depending on cost for the lot and equipment. Obviously we would need to find:
    - a reasonably located lot (Riverside County as central location?)
    - some other club to rent the cones and timing equipment
    - somebody to organize each event

    So, big question: Anybody interested to do that here in SoCal? Please vote on this message!

    Thanks, Gert
    Yes, I have been waiting for that (>3 events per year)
    Well, maybe but rarely (1 or 2 events per year)
    No interest at all
    I would like to but live too far away

    The poll is expired.

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    Gert, What if we could do something in mid-cal? That way we could pull folks from both north and south?
    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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      Tom, that is theoretically possible. However, the idea was to have a low-key, very low-cost event that you can quickly go to for a Saturday and have some fun. If we would hold the event in the middle of nowhere we have a few hours drive, need a hotel, spend 2 days etc. that means the whole thing becomes more complicated.

      That said, obviously the Bay Area Se7eneers could organize such things locally. You may even have more interested folks up there in close distance.



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        Fair enough. Let's see what kind of response you get and then I'll post a new thread for a possible NorCal event.
        Tom "ELV15" Jones


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          Some relevant thoughts about an autocross: Renting any parking lot @ QUALCOMM Stadium costs $1500 per day. It takes a few hours to set up a couse and some one that knows how to operate the computer and timing equipment. Experience in repacking the trailer is also a must---if you are able to borrow all of the necessary stuff. It is mandatory to participate in a Jan. "drawing" for weekend stadium dates. Some umbrella organization must provide insurance coverage (SCCA, NASA, or ???). Unless you have about 50 or more participants it really isn't very feasible, in my view. Most of the 7s that I know about in CA would need to come in order to do the work and keep the cost reasonable.

          Solution: Team up with our spiritual brethren in the Elise club @ Click on "REGIONS" in the second group of headings, then "CALIFORNIA". You will learn that they are trying to put together about 4 events in SoCal per year. The next is @ El Toro in Orange County on Dec 2. They need participants and have allowed 7s in the past events. At a practice @ QUALCOMM Stadium last year guys were getting 30-50 runs, which is about all you can eat, or your tires will tolerate! And I think that they also host events in NoCal. This is our best option, I think.



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            Brad, you got some good points. As I said I am skeptical myself for SoCal (and don't have any autocross experience myself) but just testing the waters.

            The only reason for that proposition is because the east coast guys are anyway getting autocross insurance for the new club and are planning at least an event at the 7/7/2007 50 year anniversary meeting at the Tail of the Dragon.

            But, in case we want to pull off something in the area at least the insurance issue would be covered.

            Otherwise I like the idea of joining forces with the Elise club. Close enough and El Toro would in reach, anyway.



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              u can always see if the local Subaru chapter would be interested. u'd definitely get particpants. at least i know thats the case here on the east coast.
              2002 SV zetec/sierra; yellow over green


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                I'm a longtime member of the mini club, (mini owners of america), here in so cal ,and i'm sure we could get a good number of participants if we included them, I will check with them at the monthy meeting on the 15th at Friscos in long beach, or I am planning to go on a club run to malibu and the rock store on the 19th. I'll be taking the caterham since my mini is still under reassembly since a complete repaint. Steve


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                  hey guys, let me add a few thoughts.

                  The biggest obstacle, as Roll a 7 points out is finding a lot.

                  In the DC region, we have enough autocrossing sevens, and even a guy with cones. We are looking for a friendly lot. If we find that (we will eventually), we're golden.

                  By the way, cones are not a big deal... You can buy them at $5 apiece, so if a group chips in, you can get 100 cones with very little investment.

                  If we don't find a cheap lot, and have to go to the usual suspects (local stadiums), the cost will be similar to what we pay SCCA schools now, but there are a couple of big pluses...

                  1- With SCCA schools, we have to sign up a month in advance, and it's non-refundable. We have to go rain or shine, or forefit $200 per person.
                  At least locally here, on a $1800 a day lot, our deposit is $180. So if we're all Seven owners and have no desire to autox in a cold, windy, rainy day, we collectively pay $180, and call it a day.
                  The last school I was at, we had 1.5" of rain. It was absolutely miserable, and I didn't even take my Seven. Russ S. took his Birkin - it was quite a sight.

                  2- We're looking for some freedom on what to do on these days... for example, we can focus a day on purely running slaloms or skidpad to play with shock settings, or static camber, etc...

                  Those were the DC folks' motivating factors (besides increased seat time).


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                    At this point in time the Elise guys seem the best choice to me. They have course set-up experience, access to trailer/cones/timing equipment, lots on reserve, and are 7 friendly because they are Lotus guys and interested in our cars. Until we reach some sort of critical mass (if) these gents are a good fit.

                    They are already a couple of years into doing what we are proposing for the same geographic area. A natural fit.


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                      Hi Guys,

                      I am new to this forum. I am a local SCCA CSCC member for the last few years. There is usually an event if not more per month. If you really want to autox you can join them. If you are talking about a private event where you would host perhaps once or twice a year you can contact SCCA CSCC and ask them about hosting a event for specific car group. The Nissian / Datsun Z Club do this once a year with CSCC. As a matter of fact, the CSCC provides all the equipments and even workers for the event. Robert Purtas is 1 person many of you know which belongs to CSCC and 111 club. If you would like to get more information you can check out or send me a message I'll make sure you get in contact with the right person.