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Buttonwillow Nov. 11 - 12

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  • Buttonwillow Nov. 11 - 12

    Since I need all the practice I can get, I signed up for Buttonwillow in November. Probably won't have a garage, but I will be staying with my brother at the lovely Willow Inn. Anyone else going?


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    Sorry Stan, I will not be able to make this one. :(

    Have fun though...should be close to the last track day of the year!
    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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      Sorry Stan, I'm out too - car repairs.


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        I was looking at the calendar trying to figure a way out of work, which has a massive deadline on the 14th. I'd love to, but can't see any way to make it as I'll be working that weekend no doubt. Pbbbbbt.


        Have fun!
        A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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          Well, Buttonwillow was a lot of fun, even with the rain on Saturday. Because of the poor weather forecast, and the lack of a garage in which to seek shelter, I decided to take my red "7". I know it doesn't look like a Se7en, but if you look closely at the badge on the grille, you'll see it is a "7" after all ;)
          Sunday's weather was perfect and the track was grippy after being washed clean the day before. The last run for my group (HPDE 2) each day was very interesting as it started well after sunset.
          Can't wait till next year!
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            Dang! That thing does have some grip! What tires are you running that you can maintain that kind of grip while inverted?! :p
            Tom "ELV15" Jones


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              Toyo's new Velcroniums!