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  • Buttonwillow Racing Video

    For those interested in the Buttonwillow weekend in October, I uploaded some in-car video footage of the Saturday and Sunday races here:

    Saturday's race was a ton of fun and incident-free. I started twelfth out of twenty-something cars. Lost about six places at the start due to hesitation and inexperience, but managed to regain my position and finished eleventh. Exiting turn 1 at the start, a hippopotamic ASC car took a long detour through the bush and was vectoring back on a collision course with me, so I thought it best to back off and let him in. Okay so I'm a wiener. The last lap was probably my best, when I had some nice open track and pulled the finger out to try to catch the guy in front. Best time was 2.03.

    I qualified eleventh for Sunday's race, lost ground at the start but was recovering nicely when The Unfortunate Racing Incident occurred (which is captured in the third video clip). Watch for some awesomely bad understeer through Cotton Corners. Tires were done in at that stage and I'll admit that my timing was a little off as well.

    Overall, I would say that I was quite conservative and only passed where I felt confident -- only where I got a run on the car in front coming out of a corner, rather than piling in under brakes. A more experienced racer would have moved through the field quicker.

    Bench racers, enjoy!