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Coronado Speedfest in San Diego, Oct 7 & 8

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  • Coronado Speedfest in San Diego, Oct 7 & 8

    Once again I have Corral passes for us to meet up and show off our rides. You can have them for either, or both days. I'll probably be going on sunday because there is an AutoX saturday @ the Q.

    Any one that wants to see some 7s can monitor this thread to see when we will be there.

    Those that want passes for their 7s should let me know right here.

    There are usually more race cars made by Lotus than any other marque at this event. Lots of good stuff every year.

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    Cool, I *might* be there, however, without Seven (but with wife).

    I am looking to get some dental work done in Tijuana on Saturday. May just stay overnight.



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      I will be there with my Birkin and can make it the Sunday if that's the preferred day. Will fit in with what ever you want to arrange.


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        Historically we meet the morning of the event at the Old Town Mexican Cafe for breakfast and distribute the corral passes at that time. I can also mail them to anyone that wants one.

        Perhaps some of us can get together on saturday night for a warmup...


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          Brad, any more plans? We are going to stay next to old town, therefore breakfast at the Mexican Cafe sounds good to me.
          What time do you go there?

          Not sure about Saturday night....I may just tend to my sore jawbones

          And, of course the corral passes are highly appreciated :)
          Actually comes to mind, do I need passes if I can't bring the Seven? What about just tickets (sorry, don't know this event).



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            Out of curiosity, why do you go to Tijuana for dental work? Cost? Quality of work? Maybe the "dentist" has an office in an area known as La Zona Roja? :p
            - Sean


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              I read that,
              Rosie, Gert's wife.


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                Sean, now you have blown my cover..... :)

                but actually I just got pi$$ed off when the local "periodontic specialist" quoted me $1600 for a deep cleaning job (with $1200 out of pocket). I had something similar done a few years ago for $600 and it was a pretty lousy 45 minute job. It is just a rip-off.

                I TJ there are some very modern dentist offices that do the same job for $350. Have not tried it yet but will find out. For the difference I can get some nice upgrades for the Seven.


                BTW, I am going to an all-female dentist office :)


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                  Another way to get blown....

                  SoCal residents commonly travel to TJ for dental work, auto body repair, prescription drugs and a host of other products available @ much lower prices.

                  How about 8:30 AM for breakfast @ the Old Town Mexican Cafe. The corral pass will make parking easier; but you will probably still have to pay for admission when you drive in.

                  This is a wonderful local vintage event with a few hundred old race cars. Lotus is always well represented with 7ss, 11s and 23s. Anyone with a lifelong interest in motorsports will be in heaven. Strolling through the pits and seeing the cars close up is impossible in big time racing these days.


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                    We will be at the Old Town Cafe at 8.30 on Sunday.

                    Who is all coming?



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                      Back to the Top.

                      Also see the post about the autocross at Qualcom on the