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End January blat in SoCal?

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  • End January blat in SoCal?

    Anyone interested in hitting the mountains somewhere between LA and SD at the end of January? My new Kumho V700 tires are looking at me from their rims with that sad, unabused look.

    Since Christmas equals traveling and social strains, and some of us need to lose weight after the traditional turkey OD in order to fit in our cars, I will push the date back a bit.

    Saturday Jan 24?

    We can do the usual: Try out those serpentine roads, swap cars, lie about our driving skills, have lunch, drive some more, and come home with a pronounced british accent that will drive our friends mad.


    /Magnus F.

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    O.K., booked!

    Where are we going? I suppose more people are between LA and San Diego. On the other hand I always wanted to drive Maricopa Highway and around Santa Barbara :roll:



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      Poll on SV or traditional

      On your vote for SV or traditional-
      I'd vote halfway between for I would definitely want the traditional Caterham but realize there is a real need for a larger car for those who have new style bodies of the larger size. How about redoing the poll and including another choice for "either" or something like that? I just hope that the traditional Caterham is not done away with forcing us to accept only the new.


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        The poll


        The poll was mostly a test to figure out what the hell it was. I wouldn't take it too seriously.

        I will, however, see if I can add a third option.

        /Magnus F.


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          Count me in :!: 8)


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            Jan 24th

            I'm in- if I ever get my car back. Which should be tomorrow (and has been for the past three weeks).


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              For those with unfinished or unavailable cars there is likely to be some space for passengers/ride-alongs to join in the fun. This would also apply to anyone who is interested in buying a car or who is interested enough in 7s to come along. Just post your interest on this thread and those with space can answer. It would be great to get 5 or more cars out on the road. Anyone care to propose a few route alternatives :?:


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                My car came home last night with a new short motor. It pops and [email protected] like a drunken sailor, but goes like hell. I'm in for the end of Jan blat - my first run with a group of Caterhams.


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                  End of January Blat

                  I'm always game for a chance to try out some new twisties! Please keep me posted as the event develops.


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                    Route Proposals

                    O.K. how about some concrete ideas:

                    1: Small circle
                    We meet in Hemet (midway between LA, SD, Beach and SB) then go Idyllwild, Palm Springs, Palm Desert and back on Hwy 74. Total about 135 miles, that means a half day plus lunch.

                    2: Large Circle
                    Starting in Hemet, Idyllwild, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Salton City, Borrego Springs, Warner Springs, Anza and back to Hemet (or for our San Diegan friends back via Julian). Total distance Hemet/Hemet is 250 miles, that means pretty much a full day trip for most of us with stops and getting there.

                    I don't know the Idyllwild area with Hwy 243 but it is supposed to be beautiful. Maybe somebody knows some nice side roads like the ones Brad Baum showed us in May.



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                      (Yes, I am back from Sweden)


                      If these roads have the same low traffic density and high fun-factor as our SD-trips, I say go for it. Personally, I vote for #2.

                      Just to raise the level a bit, I invited one of Sweden's largest car magazines, Teknikens Vأ¤rld, ( for you hidden Swedes out there). They are a jolly bunch of gear heads who often have stories about the weirder aspects of automotive culture.

                      I'll report as soon as I get their reply.

                      The only small cloud on my horizon is the threat of yet another business trip to Sweden at the end of January. I should be able to postpone it to after January 24.

                      /Magnus F.


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                        Road Quality

                        Hi Magnus,
                        I don't know the highway south of Mt. San Jaquinto through Idyllwild but heard it is a nice road frequented by bikers. Maybe Clark Taylor knows because he lives pretty close.

                        As for Palm Springs/Palm Desert that is of course city driving with many traffic lights. Might be just a show-off and lunch destination and still better than doing that stretch on the I10.

                        I have driven the other roads and know they are moderate size highways. Scenery is partly very interesting, especially through Anzo Borrego SP. For typical vacation weekends the traffic can be heavy. But I hope an off-season January Saturday should not be too bad.

                        Now, I have a problem: my car is in bits and pieces :shock: I am replacing all wiring with a new harness and remodeling the dash and the tunnel. I hope it will be back together (and running) by that time.



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                          I cannot make it the 24:th. Crap!


                          My client in Sweden are firing up the new project at the 26:th. I have to depart the 24:th to arrive at the 25:th.

                          Be sure to bring a camera and document the blat!


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                            You are over there in "Old" Europe and I am pretty sure now that my car will not be ready in 2 weeks. Amazing how many wires such a simple car has. At least I know now each wire personally and by first name. But I am sure I would not want to e.g. rewire a newer model tintop.

                            On the other hand, so far only Brad has announced to come (but has a broken fender to be repaired sometimes).

                            So why don't we postpone the trip for a few weeks? Otherwise we may have an event without participants.

                            When will you be back from Sweden? Don't forget to bring some Aquavit!



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                              Event moved to Feb 22.


                              I took the liberty of moving the event to Sun Feb 22. I mapquested a Union 76 gas station in Hemmings and listed it as our meeting point for the event on the start page of this site.

                              I hope that this is OK with you!