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Borrengo/Julian blat June 17

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  • Borrengo/Julian blat June 17

    New thread with voting goodness.

    The routes are described here:
    Borrengo Springs

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    I slightly prefer the higher altitude trip around Julian because it will be cooler than Borrego Springs. Also, I have not run the route shown on Stan's map and have some concerns about the availability of gas. Selfishly, Nacho is having a birthday party later in the afternoon and it would be politically advisable for me to be present.

    However, either way I AM going!!


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      If I understand the route correctly the piece through the desert and Borrego Springs is only 30 or 45 minutes. On the way back we drive by Julian anyway.

      Looking at the hourly forecast on Accuweather we should be O.K. if we go there well before noon (in the afternoon it is going to be 106 degrees in Borrego Springs :)

      On the other hand I drove to Phoenix last September with the Seven at 105 or so. Not really pleasant but not to bad, either....went through a gallon of water on the way.



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        My route guide shows three gas stations in Borrego Springs so hopefully gas won't be a problem.

        As Gert said, if we head straight to Borrego we can avoid the later heat. On the way back we can take our time and enjoy the roads at higher elevations (Mt Palomar and/or others?).

        So shall we will meet at 8:00 am at the 15/76 interchange Park & Ride?


        (edit: Mapquest shows that its 63 miles from the interchange to Borrego Springs)
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          I'll be there with Adi, a newly transplanted Brit.

          /Magnus F.


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            8 AM it is!!

            We should do Mt. Palomar on the way to Borrego Springs. Less traffic/more fun.


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              Rachel and I are going to be there. I haven't looked at the routes yet, but I'm sure that either one will be lots of fun. I am going to try to wash the seven this Firday. I think that the dirt is becoming a significant perentage of the weight of the car.



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                Originally posted by Matt S
                I am going to try to wash the seven this Firday. I think that the dirt is becoming a significant perentage of the weight of the car. -Matt
                Not only that....I did my annual polish job. The car is much slicker and has less air drag. This will save me at least 2 cents worth of fuel :)


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                  See y'all @ 8 AM tomorrow!!


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                    Based upon existing commits we should see seven 7s tomorrow!


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                      Well, we had a good time yesterday and I got to meet a few new Seveners. It was a little warm on my way home though!

                      Perry, here is a link to my side mirrors you were interested in:

                      You might be able to find them cheaper if you look around a little.
                      Get the metric adaptor and it will screw right on to your car with no modification.



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                        Very nice blat indeed.

                        A 8-9 year old girl came out from the gas station we stopped at and just yelled "Awesome!" for three minutes, absolutely transfixed by our Sevens. At first I politely answered "Thank you.", but then I realized that this did not even come close to take her attention away from the cars. She ignored me completely.

                        Gert, Stan, and I plus Adrian took the Mesa Grande detour on the way home where two lessons were taught. Gert learned that while driving fast on very twisty roads, you shall not do an in-depth analysis of the status of your fuel gauge. I learned that, although Gert and I have many hours together on the track, I shall not pace him blindly since I will then spin when he does. Ah, my old friend adrenaline, how I missed you.

                        Stan, who was behind us, got treated to the beautiful sight of two Caterhams doing a perfectly synchronized 180.

                        Pictures attached. The British looking guy is Adrian, who is British.
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                          Maybe we can get an elegance award for the parallel spin without ice skates. Otherwise rather embarrassing.....

                          I was already speculating if the Lone Star Super Bacon Cheeseburger, the apple pie and the heat was just too much to stay alert. But I woke up rapidly after the look at the gas gage when I found myself right in the middle of a turn, heading to the wrong side of the pavement. At least I could catch the spin before going off completely into the rocky ditch. Now that will teach me to drive fast while not completely there...



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                            Correction: The lead spinner was a Birkin.

                            Seven 7s appeared for the saturday blat to Borrego. And there almost 8, but for an oil sender malfunction.

                            Stan gets the "longest drive to participate" award, again. The trip from and back to Victorville must add around 4 hours to the day. Was Borrego Springs was a welcome relief from the heat of Victorville?

                            Dr. Gert, I hope the dishonorable set ignored your trailer this trip.

                            Magnus, thanks for bringing a Brit to lend authenticity to our tour.

                            Matt, your car is invited to my driveway for a bath!

                            Perry, thanks for the entertaining history of some of the many cars you have owned.

                            JLC, we are hoping that you figured out the problem and will join us again soon. An original Lotus is rather scarce, even in our group.

                            Rod: A speedy recovery to your 7! JLC may have an interest in your inventory.

                            Driving down S22 into the Borrego Springs area the air in my face was so hot that it seemed the wind was blowing in straight from Hell. Next time we head there let's go in April or October!!

                            Thanks to all who came along to make this another day of fun in our 7s!!!


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                              374 miles for the day!

                              The freeway drive in the morning was pleasant with cool temps and light traffic, but just the opposite on the way home. Stop-and-go on the 15 fwy from Ontario to the Cajon Pass in the heat was miserable :(

                              Still a great day overall!