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Thunderhill Track Day Aug. 11-13

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  • Thunderhill Track Day Aug. 11-13

    I suppose this is the tentative weekend for the larger Sevens crowd? I was planning to be there (maybe Fri+Sat?) but registration is not possible yet.
    Anybody knows what is going on?


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    Current plan is for me to be there.

    The NASA Event Schedule says something about this being a three day event but I've not confirmed this. It lists a one and two day price.

    It's too soon to register for this event. Registration isn't open.

    If there are enough of us, we can get a garage there too.

    Michael Murphy and I believe Pierre are planning on it.

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      Talked with Woody today and he mentioned it might be as many as 20 or 25 Se7ens if some of us from SoCal show up.


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        I responded, wrongly, in another thread about the Aug 24 event. Duh.

        Anyway, a three day event would definitely be on the cards for me. I clicked through from the schedule page and it appears that registration is now open.
        A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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          You are correct that registration is open

          The registration period also says that for HPDE it is only a two day event.

          HPDE 4 NOTICE:

          There is ONE group slot for HPDE 4 on Friday (NO TT on Friday!). No other HPDE groups will be running on Friday.

          I'll still be there. Do we want to reserve a garage or two?



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            Right. Must read more carefully. I'm still interested. Magnus?
            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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              Just checked with Thunderhill re: Garages.

              They are 20' x 40' @ $250.00 for the weekend.

              The garages at Buttonwillow are 25' x 25' @ $150.00

              Thunderhill also has one garage of 40' x 40' for $500.00

              The Buttonwillow garages could fit 8 cars each so 10 would probably fit in the 20' x 40' space probably a few more.

              Please advise if you are interested.



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                For, say 25 to 50 bucks, I would take one space.
                I would arrive Friday and leave early Sunday morning (need to be in Santa Barbara by afternoon).

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                  Hi all,

                  Looks like a group is starting to form. We are just starting to get our act together up north. It will be great to see you all in August.

                  In the past, the NorCal crowd has not bothered to rent a garage. Not sure why... but we seem to get by and the temperatures are not as hot as SoCal (but still possibly in the 90s). If you want a garage for your stuff, I'll happily join the buying consortium.

                  HPDE seems to be even more popular this year than last year. The May Thunderhill event sold out weeks in advance, so you should sign up at least a month in advance and earlier if possible to be sure you get your preferred run group.

                  More later. Cheers.


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                    NASA web site now sez.... "Online registration open soon" which I guess means it isn't open yet contrary to several days ago (I think).

                    I'm planning on making this event, looooong drive and all. The track looks too good to pass up. Looking forward to seeing some of those NorCal fellas as well.

                    MM: Your opinion... HPDE 2 or 3? I'm thinking 2 w/ an instructor to start, for education purposes.
                    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                      You only get an instructor in Group 1. Group 1 and 2 run together, the only difference being that Group 2 drivers drive alone without an instructor.

                      NASA is about to announce a restructuring of the run groups. Group 4 has, until now, been a combination of HPDE and Time Trial participants. The group is now being split, with the Time Trial group running alone and the remaining HPDE Group 4 drivers being absorbed back into Group 3. As a result, I suspect that the standard will rise a little in Group 3. I will call the Group 3 Leader, Steve Romine, to get his thoughts. (Incidentally, Steve drove the enduro series for Team Birkinsport with Woody, Pierre and Dave Harris. He is a "Sevens friend" and will enjoy meeting y'all when you come up here.)

                      You guys are gonna love the Whoop-De-Doo going into Turn 5.


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                        NASA Se7ens Festival at Thunderhill August 12 & 13

                        Pierre sent the following post to the NASA Se7ens Yahoo forum. Doug and I believe it's important to post for us in Southern California also. What do ya think? This festival is going to make for a terrific and memorable weekend!! - Clark


                        Since we are all too busy to go to Reno-Fernley (me included...), Michael, Woody and I have decided to focus on the August 12/13 event at Thunderhill instead, which will be this year's "NASA Sevens Festival!"

                        This will be a major event for Sevens. The guys from SoCal are joining us for what will probably be the biggest NASA Sevens Challenge event of the year (at least in California). We are aiming at a turnout of 20 cars or more.

                        On the program:

                        - first N7C race of the season (finally! it took longer than expected for some of our cars to be fully race-ready). Likely entrants so far:
                        Woody, Michael, Jon Stokes, myself.

                        - HPDE 1,2,3,4

                        - Time Trials

                        - plenty of other race spectating (including the always very impressive Formula TR).

                        - it would be great to organize a jaunt in the hills nearby for those of us who don't want to go racing... Woody has done some scouting and reported some great Sevens-heaven type roads near the track. We need volunteers to organize this.

                        - there will also be a first in the NASA Sevens Challenge: a "Sevens tinkerer fair and after-market expo" in which you can feature clever innovations & improvements done to your car, as well as great new kits from the manufacturer or interesting after-market gadgets (suspension bits, video capture, G-meters with memory, data acquisition, seats, windscreens and other accessories, etc.) you have fitted your pride and joy with.

                        - gourmet barbecue complete with wine, beer, grill, and plenty of racing stories (that keep getting better and better with age).

                        - video projection of in-board footage of the races, plus any other material you want to bring (last time at Buttonwillow, the "50 years of F1 in-board" was a hit!) (Michael advised me to make sure my camera is pointing forward so that his car is visible in the race footage).

                        Please spread the buzz to your Seveners friends, and hit us with all the clever ideas & suggestions you'd like to add to this event.

                        Also, contact me if you'd like to submit something for the Sevens expo.




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                          Group 1 and 2 run together, the only difference being that Group 2 drivers drive alone without an instructor.
                          Right, my mistake (again). But can a driver sign up for 2 and get an instructor for the 1st session to show the line etc? I found it very informative at Buttonwillow. Or maybe find a qualified 7 driver (like you) to do the same?
                          A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                            Instructors for Thunderhill

                            Hi Chris,

                            Pierre has posted some videos of lapping at Thunderhill that will give you the layout of the track. Also, I'm sure Michael, Woody, or Pierre will be available for instruction.

                            This will be my first time at Thunderhill, so we're both in the same boat in terms of track knowledge. However, those who've been there swear by its FUN FACTOR! I'm looking forward to it.


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                              Any recommended hotel?