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Fuel Bottles For AROSC Enduro, May 27

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  • Fuel Bottles For AROSC Enduro, May 27

    It's official now, the entry is in the post. Tony Adamowicz and I will team for the CCC in the AROSC Enduro at Buttonwillow Raceway during the Memorial Day weekend! We believe a steady run will give us a good finish!

    To make this Enduro a success, we need some HELP in the form of fueling capability in the hot pits. After the first half of the race, my car will be down at least six or seven gallons, and the tank will need filling before the second driver re-enters. That means two 5 gallon bottles/cans, or at least a 5 gallon and a 2 gallon. I'm not sure who owns them, but I've seen several fuel bottles in use by our members. Can anyone out there help? Doug Liedblad has generously offered to help with picking them up and transport, but we need to find some first.

    For safety, the AROSC also requires we have a 10 pound extinguisher at the pit wall. Does anyone have one of these we could borrow?

    I appreciate any support our CCC members can provide!

    Best wishes,