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Reno Fernley June 24/25th

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  • Reno Fernley June 24/25th

    Hi All,

    NASA NorCal is hosting an HPDE weekend at Reno Fernley raceway on the weekend of June 24th. Go to:

    I have never been there but I hear that it's somewhere near Reno and Fernley. By all accounts the track has seen some major modifications including a twisty section that was designed by the Ghost of Colin Chapman specifically for sevens. I'm looking forward to my first visit there.

    So... come on guys, time to hitch up the trailers and head north. Make a long weekend of it. Win a ton of money at the Reno casinos. Meet some NorCal sevens guys. Interest???

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    Interest, yes.....But I am already planning on a trip up to Thunderhill in August. So, I guess one pilgrimage to the northern realm is all I can afford.....anyway, have fun!!



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      Okay, Gert. It will be good to see you in August. I think you will like Thunderhill.


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        A friend drove his vintage Shelby Mustang @ RF last week and pronounced it one of his most favorite tracks.


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          So we'll be seeing you there, then?


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            I'll see if I can make the stars align. I'm still up north. Duration of stay unknown at this time. Should know more next week.

            Oh, and only if you promise to join us sometime in Pahrump.

            Just think of it... gambling, booze, casinos, racetracks, fast cars and whore houses (not necessarily in that order). What more could a fella want?
            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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              The 640 mile drive, each way, will probably keep me home. The combination of $350-400 for gas, $400 for truck rental, additional travel expenses and time away from family makes this event unlikely next month.

              Eventually I WILL make the trek to a northern event!!


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                Sorry, it's the same weekend as the big family reunion.

                I'll try and make Thunderhill but it may confict with a business trip.