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    Here's the text of a note posted by Pierre this morning on the nasasevenschallenge list. I am repeating it here in case you have not seen it. Pierre paid the Head-On Photos guy $500 for a group buy (retail price = $800) so if we all kick in $50 we get our pictures for 37.50% off retail, which makes this One Helluva Deal.

    Hoping you like what you see...

    Guys, I received the pictures from Head-On Photos. They are ready for you to download at:

    If you'd like to send me a check for $50, that'd be cool. My address is Pierre Demartines / 258 30th Street / San Francisco / CA 94131. If you want to use paypal, that's fine too [email protected]. Remember, I don't want to force your hand, so this is purely voluntary. If you don't want the expense and don't want the pics, no problem.

    When you are done downloading:

    1. tell me which photo(s) (0, 1, ... all of them)
    you'd like me to put in the public gallery.
    2. send me an email so that I know I can delete your folder



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    My check is in the mail.