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Breakfast Run to Tom's Farm - Sunday, May 7

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  • Breakfast Run to Tom's Farm - Sunday, May 7

    It seems 2006 is rolling along faster than a supercharged Seven on slicks! Can ya keep up with it?

    But to the point; I'd like to invite all CCC members and enthusiasts to the next Riverside Foreign Car Club road event: Breakfast Run to Tom's Farm. This annual tradition is a sports car rally, and ideally requires at least two participants per car. That is, one to drive, and one to HANG-ON! No, seriously, the Breakfast Run to Tom's Farm is a delightful way to spend a Sunday morning in your Seven or other fine sporting ride (two-wheels or four), cruising through Riverside's back roads in the orange groves and around Lake Mathews. We end at the world famous Tom's Farm, located on Temescal Canyon Road for breakfast burritos, and of course some terrific awards for our event winners. Last year, Gert honored the Seven marque by taking home the top honors! And Stan showed up solo and gave our RFCC club president, riding as navigator, the ride of his life!

    So whadyasay, is this going to be the year for a Sevens Sweep?

    The rally starts at Riverside's Canyon Crest Towne Center near the 42nd St. Bagel Shop at 5225 Canyon Crest Dr. First car out at 9:00 AM, so plan on getting to the bagel shop by 8:30 AM for an energy infusion of bagels, cream cheese and strong caffeinated beverages (within 50 yards of the bagel shop we have "aka Coffee Roasters" and "Starbucks", plus the bagel shop has their own gourmet Gevalia roasts). When you arrive, I'll hand out the route instructions, and answer any questions you might have about the symbols used and general rally stuff. Please e-mail any pre-event questions to: [email protected]

    Rally on!
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    You bet, we'll be there! Last year was much fun and I regretted having to leave early because we had an appointment at the Chino Air Show (nevertheless a fabulous show and I got to park the Seven in the VIP lot).

    Rosi is looking forward to the event. We did orientation rallys in the late 70s quite often (i.e. reminds us of our youth....) and will take the challenge to defend our title :)



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      You can count me in again, and I'll be bringing my own navigator this time!


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        I'd like to go but I'm working down in San Diego. Next time hopefully.


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          Venom 7: There will be events @ Qualcomm Stadium on Sat & Sun if you want to join the fun. Come to the west parking lot if you have time/get bored. A few 7s will be out there. You might enjoy taking a spin...


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            Thanks Clark for all the work preparing this. It was a fun trip!!

            We may be among the slow crowd but at least we find the clues :)



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              Caterham Podium Finishes

              Sunday was a landmark day for the California Caterham Club. Two members posted podium finishes in the Riverside Foreign Car Club's "Breakfast Run to Tom's Farm"! Gert Berkardt and his wife Rosemarie repeated their winning ways from 2005, by once again finishing with a top score. Sharing their win in a tie for first was Alfa Romeo Owners of Southern California driving instructor and rookie rallyist, Greg Nelson, with navigational help from his son, Joshua. Greg and Joshua rallied in thier vintage BMW 2002tii. Rounding out the podium with a result just nipping at the top two was Stan Sadorf, with help from his wife Marcia! It was good to see Stan do so well. Last year he arrived solo, and ended up giving our RFCC president the ride of his life! But alas, they didn't place. This year with his wife's help, they had success!

              I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate our winners, not only for their results, but also for their cunning skills and determination to be the very best! I would also like to thank all of our rallyists for coming out to enjoy a Sunday drive over some great sports car roads, and making this this event so much FUN!!

              Next up, on the road again is our annual "Breakfast Blast to Lake Arrowhead". We've got this scheduled on Saturday, July 8. The main point of this event is to enjoy an early morning RUSH up Highway 18 from San Bernardino to Lake Arrowhead. Once we get there, Kathy and I invite you to join us for a leisurly breakfast at a wonderful restaurant with a beautiful setting overlooking Lake Arrowhead. Ahhh, life can be so good!

              Best wishes,


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                Lake Arrowhead sounds good, but, I will be in Europe at that time, enjoying the good Austrian food and doing all that touristy stuff.

                Have fun!



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                  Dr. Gert & Rosemarie, Congratulations! Another victory over all other cars for the 7 community to savor!! The precise, calculating German engineering and navigation excellence adds to the legend of the 7. Well done!!! Brad