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Buttonwillow - Thoughts & Memories of a Great Weekend

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  • Buttonwillow - Thoughts & Memories of a Great Weekend

    Another terrific weekend with good friends, a challenging track, and basking in the performance of our Super Sevens under some of Mother Nature's most magnificent Central California weather! It was beautiful. The thoughts of all that happened are slowly gelling in my head, and I'm going to try for another Lowflying article: some great stuff from the West Coast U.S.A. that those L7CGB guys ought to know about!

    It's worth saying that our Southern California group of Seveners appreciates the work Woody, Pierre, Michael (and others?) have done to establish the NASA Se7ens Challenge. It will take us awhile to catch up, as we've a long way to go. But the journey is bound to be exciting and fulfilling. And I've got to add, I've seen immense progress so far! But at the end of the weekend, what we've got really comes back to friendships. People like Pierre, Michael Murphey, Joe Hawkins (and his wonderful wife), Gert Berkhardt, Magnus Feuer, Brad Underdahl, Jon Stokes, Chris (Moose Test??) and his very enthusiastic and supportive wife, and Stan Sadorf, plus our instructors and the others we meet (Eric?) and share our times with at these events; create a chemistry where strong bonds are formed. Gives us something in our lives most people will never know.

    However, I've also got to say that after the terrible incident Saturday afternoon, my own belief structure in our sport was shaken. When our HPDE3 group was called to the pre-grid later that afternoon, I struggled with my own internal conflicts whether or not to go. I've been involved in motorsports now for over thirty-five years, and nothing has ever hit me in the gut so hard: 1. That our lives are at risk through this sport we love; 2. We have responsibilities with far reaching effects that extend well beyond ourselves; and finally, 3. We have many choices and opportunities for fulfillment and self-actualization, without the inherent risks of auto racing. I'm going to struggle with this for awhile. Racing, whether on skis, bicycles, running, swimming, or powered by a motor has been a central theme in my own life since I was a kid. Racing provides clear goals and strong reasons for pursuing excellence. Excellence not only for the racing itself, but in our lives and relationships. So it's a very good thing. At this point, I've got to say "Let's get together again soon!"

    I believe next up for our Southern California group will be the AROSC event at Buttonwillow, May 27 & 28. (Then NASA at Thunderhill in August??) Also, earlier there was talk of a 2006 Se7ens Festival? Anyone know more?

    Finally, it was wonderful and very inspiring to have Joe Hawkins join us on Saturday. He's a true enthusiast of the Seven marque, and a good friend. I wish him well as he works through this round of chemotherapy, and look forward to sharing a track with him again soon!

    Best wishes,

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    All of us owe a BIG "THANK YOU DOUG" to Mr. Liedblad for renting adjoining garages and the ice lollies offered for refreshment after track sessions!! His effort contributed very much to our comaraderie and saturday night at the movies extravaganza!!

    The wine committee is also up for special commendations!!

    Thanks, Doug.


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      No problem, I was happy to do it.

      I have garage 8 reserved for the May Alfa TT.

      They will hold 5 easy and 6 maybe.

      Michael Murphy offically rented one of the garges, it just worked out that we got to switch with Garage 3 so we could be in one spot.

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        Also thanks to Woody Harris for letting Pierre and Michael use his truck and tailer to get their cars to Buttonwillow.

        Their presence greatly enhanced the event.