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2004 NASA Super Seven Festival

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  • 2004 NASA Super Seven Festival

    NASA wants to do it again in 2004, if you do!

    NASA CEO Jerry Kunzman, Woody Harris, Rich Kamp, and I all had a ball putting on last month's Festival. 30 cars in one place with 11 wheel-to-wheel on the racetrack is probably a US record, but we think that it can be even better.

    Thanks to all who attended this year. We gather that you had fun too. Please feel free to offer suggestions for next year. You can post them (thanks for the feedback already posted), or e-mail Rich ( [email protected]), Woody ( [email protected]), or me ( [email protected]) directly. Tell us what you liked and didn't like, and what you would do differently.

    Our thanks also to the River Grove Winery (don't miss their special Super 7 offer at:, Mobil 1, the Jim Russell School, Infineon Raceway, and the Golden Gate Lotus Club for their generous support.

    And, of course, none of it would have been possible without NASA. If you're not already a member you should join now.

    Happy Holidays.

    Rich Hairston

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    Next Year's Festival

    Thanks again to everybody who was involved in the planning and preparation for this year's event! A few suggestions to consider:

    - I would have liked to participate in the road tour. I knew it was planned but was not sure when it was to start and where. Since I signed up early for both days on the track that did not work out for me. It would be nice to have a tentative plan for such a tour published quite early.

    - We should have an official photo/video-shoot gathering. There were many Sevens but I got at best 6 or 7 in one picture.

    - Next time in SoCal ?

    - It would have been interesting to see a list of the participants with some information on their cars. If this is too difficult in advance there could be a list to fill in at the festival.

    - Maybe a little early, but if we have another one in 2005 we might be able to invite the USA2005 event participants with 50 Sevens or more from Europe and a handful from US. This tour will end in San Francisco in October and planning has already begun. Would make for a nice parade :D :D



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      Thanks Gert. Glad you could make it. Your comments are in our planning file.

      Do you have a contact for the 2005 event? We could at least alert that group that there might be an opportunity for a get together.



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        USA 2005

        Rich, You will find it here:

        The organizer is Steve Blair.



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          I sent him an e-mail Gert.