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Buttonwillow Garages April 8th and 9th.

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  • Buttonwillow Garages April 8th and 9th.

    We have reserved garages 3 and 7.

    Michael Murphy has #3 under his name, I have #7 under mine.

    Michael and I will arrive at about the same time, which should be between 6 and 7 PM. Maybe earlier.

    We have the garages from Friday AM thru Sunday late afternoon.

    Whoever gets there first is welcome to get the keys and put their car(s) in.

    Please pack them tight so there is room for all. Maybe leave a number you can be reached at with the car??

    If you can get someone to switch so we have two garages next to one another that might be nice.

    Please leave the key or don't lock them so others can arrive late and still have access, or we can pound on your hotel room door at 3AM. Whichever you prefer.

    The track told me they would be open all night. In the past they have been open until at least 10:30 PM.

    I'll be staying at the track, you can reach me at 805-498-7771.

    Anyone driving their Seven that wants to leave it in the garage is welcome to use my truck get to the hotel.

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    Brad and I will take off from LA around Friday noon, so we should be there sometime in the afternoon. We will both trailer our cars up directly to the track.

    I can be reached at 1-949-294 7871. Does anyone know when we start on Saturday? Tech, Drivers Meet, etc?

    /Magnus F.


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      Magnus: Give me a holler when you're leaving. My house is on the way up so maybe we can hook up.

      I *hope* I'll be ready although I have a lot to do...
      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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        Schedule should be emailed to us two days before the envent.

        It is also posted on the registration page.

        Tech and Registration starts at 6:45 AM.

        HPDE drivers meeting at 7:45 AM. Mandatory or lose track time.

        HPDE 1&2 first run time starts at 10:00 AM Last run at 5:30 PM

        Enduro at 7:00 PM



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          Got the confirmation mail.

          I will give pre-tech a shot tomorrow so that I don't have to haul my ass to the track at 07:00. I've been working night toward Moscow during the last couple of weeks and have not adjusted back to early-bird mode yet.

          Pre-tech stations can be found at:

          Here is the mail:
          is is information regarding the NASA event on April 8&9 at Buttonwillow Raceway. We are racing on track configuration #13 Clockwise. Track is 2.8 miles. This email is confirming your participation. You may get this email in duplicate which is OK. Track information is at

          You are required to know all this information to participate in this event. If you do anything in violation to the rules below, you may be asked to leave

          <b>1. Registration will take place inside the cafeteria building (ground floor)</b>
          **NOTE** If you are getting this email you are preregistered so you do not need to visit registration. If you have rented a transponder you may pick that up from Registration. Otherwise simply wait for your drivers meeting.

          I) Friday - There is a test day on Friday for race cars which is run by the track . Racers pay the track directly

          II) Saturday/Sunday- Follow the instructions below.

          1) Bring a completed self tech form and logbook to a NASA official at Tech. Tech will be along the yellow hot pit wall across from the garages. 2) Get your log book signed. 3) When you get your logbook signed you will get a tech sticker. 4) Put sticker on upper left corner of windshield. 4) Participate in first practice session and report to the the drivers meeting at the time specified.

          a) "Preteched"- 1) Attend HPDE drivers meeting at time specified on schedule. 2) Bring completed tech form to pre grid and give to grid marshal before entering track.

          b) "Trackside Tech"- 1) Bring your car to impound for inspection by 7:00 AM. 2) Car will be inspected and form will be signed. Take signed Tech form with you. 3) Attend HPDE drivers meeting at time specified on schedule. 4) Bring completed tech form to pre grid and give to grid marshal before entering track.

          <b>2. Drivers Meetings- Check Schedule</b>
          a) Race- All drivers must report to the drivers meeting at the specified time and roll will be taken.

          b) HPDE- Report to the drivers meeting first thing in the morning at the time specified and you will be assigned to a run group leader and wrist bands will be distributed..

          <b>3. Transponders- (Transponders not used in HPDE 1&2)</b>
          We are using the AMB timing system. This is the red transponder which you must have to race. If you have your own transponder, you should have filled out the number when you registered. If you did not fill this number out please email me the number. If you need to rent a transponder, please report to registration with a check or cash for $30.00 and a credit card as security and we will provide one to use for the weekend.

          <b>4. Tech Inspection</b>
          a) Race- All cars must have a log book. Please make sure your vehicle has a valid 2006 Annual. If your car has a valid 2006 annual inspection, please download the Race Car Tech form and bring the filled out form with your log book to a Tech Inspector so they can sign your log book. If your car has a SCCA log book and valid annual, please follow the same procedure and present the filled out form to an inspector.

          b) HPDE- Download the tech form and bring it to an authorized tech inspection location or bring to the track and we will tech the car in the morning. Please arrive by 7:00AM for tech. Keep the Tech form with you and place under your windshield wiper when you line up for your first track session.

          <b>5. 2006 Annual Inspections</b>
          All cars should have current Annual inspections. If you have a new car or equipment please see the tech trailer for a time slot to perform an annual.

          <b>6. Schedule</b>

          <b>7. Chapel Service</b>
          Please notice that our SoCal Chaplin Aaron Schwartzbart will will conduct a Chapel Service which will take place on Sunday morning from 7:30-7:50 am in the control tower. All faiths welcome to attend. More info:

          <b>8. Announcements</b>
          A loudspeaker system will be set up for announcements.

          <b>9. Arrival, Parking, Gate Fee, RV info</b>
          The track charges $10.00 per person through the gate. We do not take any of this money but please have it ready to make the line go quickly in the morning. RV's may park and camp overnight, and hookups are available from the track office. Please do not park race cars or transporters along the COLD PIT WALL. We need room for Impound.

          <b>10. Paddock Maps and Traffic Flow</b>
          All drivers will be required to follow the one way directions to enter and exit the track. DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH CONES OR BARRICADES. Speed limit is 5MPH in the paddock. Anyone caught speeding will be penalized

          <b>11. Other Important Stuff</b>
          A) Fuel pumps are operated by the track and they sell 100 and 110.
          B) Tire service will be available through the track
          C) Food Service will be available at the track.
          D) DO NOT leave or dump oil at the track. Anyone caught will be permanently suspended
          E) Do not litter. Leave your pit space clean or be charged $100.00
          F) Motorized Scooters are prohibited. It is an insurance regulation and we apologize for the inconvenience. However, any "licensed" driver may operate a vehicle that can be licensed to use on the road (moped, bicycle, ATV).

          Looking forward to a great weekend,

          Ryan Flaherty & John Lindsey

          /Magnus F.


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            Car is pre-teched in Santa Ana with no problems. He did not ask about the seat belts. He did look through the car more carefully than the guys at LASAAC, but i sailed right pass it.

            /Magnus F.


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              Schedule attached.

              Attached Files


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                Great weekend.

                Anybody missing a fire extinguisher?

                Contact me off list if so.



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                  A very, veyy fun event indeed. This is very much in line with our ambition to make room for everyone from beginner and upward, with a structured upgrade path for those wanting to kick things up a notch.

                  I think a telltale sign of this is that there were a larger (if still small) ratio of female drivers here than on the Streets events.

                  Miwako (my wife), who always thought that the LASAAC events where too much of a boys' party, was very attracted to the format of the NASA event with its classes and download sessions.

                  The last run (5.30) was beautiful, the track was virtually empty and I could (finally) start to trust my new suspension setup enough to really lean on the car and get the rhythm going. A very nice conclusion (for me anyway) to the event.

                  On a sad ending note:

                  /Magnus F.