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Registration Open for NASA Buttonwillow!

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  • Registration Open for NASA Buttonwillow!

    Registration just opened for the Buttonwillow NASA event April 8 & 9. The NASA event at Fontana next weekend sold out quick, so its probably a good idea to sign up soon for Buttonwillow. Cost is $225 for both days of HPDE. Here is the link:

    Any recommendations on motels?


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    Thanks for the information.

    I just signed up too.

    I'll probably rent a garage, there is room for at least 3 cars and maybe more. for hotel information. I'll be staying in my trailer.

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      Well, I booked it. Doug, mind to share the garage with a homeless Birkin?


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        Motels in Buttonwillow

        The Super 8 is where I've stayed in the past. It's been pretty nice.
        (661) 764-5117

        Best wishes,


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          I'll help pay for the garage with you if there is room for my Birkin!
          I'm sure someone can give me a ride to the motel Saturday night.

          edit - I have a reservation at the Super 8 for Friday and Saturday nights, as suggested by Clark. The AAA rate is $44.99/night.

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            There were only two garages left for the weekend.

            Now only one.

            We have garage #7.

            So far we have Doug, Stan, and Gert commited, waiting to hear from two others.

            We might be able to fit 6 Sevens in there for overnight if they are friendly.



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              Based on previous posts, and talking to M. Murphy there could be enough of us to fill two garages.

              So I reserved the last one too.

              We have garages 3 and 7.

              Please let me know as soon as possilbe about your interest in the garage.

              I'll cancel if we don't need it.



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                What class do we sign up for? HPDE 1?

                I'll be my 1st NASA event.

                Doug: count me in on a garage spot.
                A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                  You've got a spot.

                  HPDE 1 is my understanding if you are new to NASA and if you haven't been on that track with them. I believe you start in group 1 anytime you are with them at a new track.

                  This will be my first NASA event so I'm in HPDE 1.

                  Michael Murphy the new instructor should know all the rules and be able to enlighten us.



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                    The events that I have been to usually ran HPDE1 and HPDE2 in one group on the track. The only difference is that you have a mandatory instructor in the car in HPDE1 and only if you want (and available) in HPDE2. They let you move to HPDE2 after one or two sessions when they have checked out that you follow the rules, know what the line is and don't do stupid things. So once you are qualified for HPDE2 you don't need to go back.

                    Remember to get one of their logbooks where the instructor signs off that you are good for HPDE2 (or 3 or 4). I always forgot but so far I did not go for HPDE3 anyway.

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                      Right. I'm registered. See you there.
                      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                        Group 1 or 2 is probably right, unless you are familiar with the track and know the correct line.

                        I'll be there, subject to repairing my de dion tube (See separate posting).

                        Check yer' tubes, boys.


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                          Please mark down Magnus and I as "in on" the garage. (2 CARS)


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                            We now have at least 10 committed for the garages, perhaps more. I think they will all fit, if we pack them in.

                            Woody will have his covered trailer if we run out of room.

                            Garages have electrical power and compressed air.

                            So, I've rented two garages, sublet 1/2 of one to Gert, 1/2 to Brad, 1/2 to Murphy, 1/2 Stan, Chris, Bedard, Pierre, Magnus etc. I could make out alright on this deal.

                            Note that I also have reserved one garage for the May Alfa event.

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                              I just signed up for both days in HPDE 1.

                              Shall we see if we can get our own run group day 2?

                              /Magnus F.