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LASAAC Open Track Willow Springs 2006

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  • Roll a 7
    Mosr fortuitously NASA will be @ Buttonwillow during the second weekend of April. Slots very nicely into the time frame usually offered by the LASAAC.

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  • Doug Liedblad
    started a topic LASAAC Open Track Willow Springs 2006

    LASAAC Open Track Willow Springs 2006

    I spoke to Mario Veltri and it appears that Brad and the Streets of Willows Calander are correct. The Shelby club will not be having any dates at the Streest of Willow this year.

    According to Mario, the track usually reserves the LASAAC two weekends (one each in April & September) and lets them know the dates. This year someone at the track filled up all the weekends and forgot about LASAAC.

    If things change Mario will let us know.

    They expect to be back for sure in 2007.