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  • AROSC School March '06

    I am possibly going to sign up for the AROSC school end of March at the Streets. I hope this is not a futile effort considering my driving skills........But at least a good way to get into track mode again (last time was back in May)

    Is anybody else going?


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    I am considering it strongly.
    Depends on where I am on my annual upgrade fest.

    /Magnus F.


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      Good point, I am looking at installing new shocks and doing a few things to my ECU/TB etc. but I hope I can time it to have a running car for this school weekend.



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        I was considering this or the NASA HPDE at California Speedway a week or two before. Which class would you guys sign up for at the Alfa event, the Street Driving Performance class or the Novice Time Trial class?

        Here's the link to the Alfa event for anyone else interested:



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          If you haven't done many track days the Alfa School is great at getting your feet wet. (the rest of you too on the wet skidpad) and building confidence on the track. If you do this event, try to get one of the instructors to ride with you, more than once if possible.

          I started with the Street Performance class. You get the same amount of classroom, skidpad, track time with all the levels.

          I was considering the NASA event at California, but was then told anytime you haven't been on a track you are in HPDE group 1 to start. So will save NASA for Buttonwillow.

          I'll be at the Alfa event unless my car is apart.

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            2006 Season - AROSC School in March & MUCH MORE!

            Based on earlier conversations and enthusiasm, I was planning on joining (more strength in numbers, you know!) whatever Sevens entered the AROSC racing class at the March 25/26 school. But a review of the AROSC regulations reveals that the Alfa group requires a Time-Trial license to qualify for the racing class at their school. So, punt! Back to square one, so to speak.

            So here's my plan for this year. Last year's CCC survey indicated a pretty universal interest in track days, mixed with some form of competition. Also, we're not tied to any particular organization at this point, so we can use the best and most convenient from a variety of sources.

            March 25/26 - AROSC Driver's School - Streets of Willow -
            April 8/9 - NASA HPDE & TT - Buttonwillow
            May 27/28 - AROSC TT - Buttonwillow
            August 12/13 - NASA (Se7ens Festival??) - Thunderhill
            September 2/3 - AROSC Driver's School - Streets of Willow
            October 21/22 - AROSC - Willow Springs - Big Track

            First of all, consider the AROSC school in March. As Doug Liedblad stated, you'll get the same basic track time, skid-pad time and classroom time in any of their categories: Street Performance, Novice Time Trial, Advanced Time Trial, or Race Group. The topics and agenda are a little different in each category (especially for the racing oriented 'race group'), but whatever category you enter, the level of instruction is second to none. My personal experience in SCCA, BMWCCA and Bondurant supports this. The real benefit at any school is getting - heck, maximizing one-on-one experience with the instructors. The AROSC has plenty of qualified instructors, plus they always hire a well-known Professional Race Driver guest instructor. As a student you will be amazed at how much you can gain from directly accessing their knowledge and experience. Besides, they love to ride in and drive our cars!

            The AROSC requires two schools and three 'no-incident' TT events to qualify for a TT license. You can get a start on it this season, and with some luck and good clean driving, will qualify you for their race group next year.

            Next we have the NASA April 8/9 event at Buttonwillow. Normally, we'd be required to enter (as first-timers) in HPDE 1, but give Woody a call. He might vouch for placing you in a higher HPDE category, enhancing your migration to HPDE 4 and the right to participate in NASA Time Trials. Personally, I'm looking forward to this event to see why all these guys are so hyped up about NASA! This event has been billed as a North/South cross-over event, and it will be a good opportunity to meet our Northern counterparts. If you haven't already driven Buttonwillow, it's a fun track, with enough length and variety to keep you busy. Last May (at the AROSC weekend) was my first time there and I had a ball. As a side note, our ex-Southern California/now Northern California friend, Michael Murphey has been annointed as a NASA instructor! Michael has come a long way, and gained a reputation for being smooth and fast! Woody and Pierre will also attend and help our CCC drivers learn the Buttonwillow/NASA ropes.

            Memorial Day weekend will again bring the AROSC TT, Sprint and Enduro to Buttonwillow. This is where we met Woody and Pierre last year and started some pretty serious dialog regarding the Se7ens Challenge. A good safe event towards your AROSC TT license.

            The summer is an off time for track events and this year is no exception. However, there is some talk on the Nor Cal NASA Se7ens Challenge forum of holding this year's Se7ens Festival at Thunderhill during the August 12/13 NASA event there. I'm going to try to fit that in around other summer vacation and travels. All reports indicate that Thunderhill is a real kick to drive!

            September 2/3 brings the second AROSC school, and another step closer to acquiring an AROSC TT license. Otherwise, same comments as above.

            Finally, rounding out the track-day year, the AROSC is hosting their TT over the October 21/22 weekend. Also, if you want to travel a little more for HPDE, NASA is hosting two Buttonwillow events: October 14/15 and November 11/12.

            With this much track and competition experience under each of us and our Sevens, I believe we'll all be in a little better position to evaluate our options for taking the step next year into wheel-to-wheel racing. We'll know some of the people a little better, and they will know us. We will also have the knowledge gained from watching the race groups perform under the two seperate programs - if nothing else, for our own sanity check!

            How about it, does this make sense?? I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Please respond with your comments and suggestions.

            Best wishes,
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              I'm planning on the Alfa event in March.

              Novice time trial school.

              Anyone else?



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                Yes, same for me. Do they send out confirmations?



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                  I'm sending in my registration tomorrow, street performance group.
                  Thanks to Gert's help, my new taller roll bar fits my car and I'll be legal!


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                    I don't believe they send out confirmations. Just look to see if your check cleared or call Steve Hamilton 310-214-5110.

                    My check's going out tomorrow.

                    You'll need to get tech inspection done, if Clark is there he'll do it for us without the $60.00 late charge. I don't have a tech inspector nearby so appreciate his help.



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                      Tech Inspections for the AROSC School - March 25/26

                      I'm planning to attend the AROSC school in March, help the Alfa club where necessary, and will be there early enough Saturday morning to tech inspect any Se7ens that attend. Please park where we usually do for the Shelby club events and I'll tech your cars there, otherwise tech at the track will be a little pricey for you. Also, if there's time, I'm planning to take lots of photos and get some of your personal stories for our next LowFlying article!

                      If you have any questions about the school, please e-mail me at [email protected].

                      See you there!
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                        Thanks Clark, I will see to be there early. I guess 7.30 should do?



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                          I'll need a tech inspection that morning too. Thanks Clark!
                          My application went out in today's mail.
                          I've got a reservation at the Essex House for Saturday night.



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                            Scheduling Tech Inspections for the AROSC School - March 25/26

                            I'm planning to arrive at the Streets of Willow between 7:00 and 7:30 AM Saturday morning. We'll take it from there!

                            Also, please plan to attend the Saturday evening dinner with the Alfa club. They are usually pretty entertaining affairs, and I'm sure Tony will have some interesting things to say about his days as a professional driver, and also for even more fun, will answer/banter questions from the floor.

                            Best wishes,


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                              I may be able to get home for this event but I'm not sure at this time. I'd sure like to.
                              A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted