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  • Fall Mountain Drive - Event

    Sunday morning, with Mother Nature's best sunny Fall conditions, a group of friends gathered at the San Bernardino Hilton parking lot to embark on a wonderful drive up Highway 18 to Lake Arrowhead for brunch at Woody's Restaurant. Not everyone was driving a Seven, but who cares, our group of exotics drew attention all the way up the mountain and many stares and onlookers in the Lake Arrowhead Village parking lot. Among the people and cars that joined us were Gert Berkhardt and his wife with their very nice Birkin, a new Mazda RX-8, one of the first new Mini's to enter the U.S., a couple of Porsches, a Ferrari 360 Spyder, a Maserati Spyder GT, a Factory 5 Cobra roadster, a Subaru 2.5 RS, an Audi S4, and our 40th Anniversary Caterham Super 7. Before we started the drive, I made sure to impress on everyone that we had plenty of time to make the 10:30 AM reservation, and there was no need to hurry. Uh-huh! By the time my passenger and I were firmly buckled in, the only cars left in the parking lot were the Boxster and Cobra who wanted to follow our 7 up the hill. But playing catch-up can be fun, so off we went.

    To be honest, we caught up with most of the others at the Waterman offramp, and then got lucky with some traffic lights. But the mini and the Maserati were luckier than us, so a mountain challenge was assured. I'll say this for the Maserati Spyder GT, it's got guts! But you know, there's nothing quite like a Seven on a good mountain road with the crisp Fall air whipping your hair into a frenzy. What fun to drive amongst all these wonderful exotic cars and be with good friends!

    Oh yes, the Lake Arrowhead Village parking lot. Did we draw a crowd of inquisitive sightseers? We had many many very appreciative people come over for a look and to ask some questions. Some were wanting information and others just wanted their photos taken with the cars and with us! Instant celebrity status, you say? Well, shucks it's just a lot of fun.

    So, with our bellies full from the wonderful food at Woody's brunch, it was time to head down home from the crisp clear mountain air. But I just can't shake this feeling of euphoria from what turned out to be a wonderful day of Blatting! You gotta come join us next time.

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    :P I did the same trip two years ago in a Caterham. What a great blat road. I also remember the instant crowd in the parking lot. Other cars turn heads, but Caterhams seem to have an accessability to strangers and a sense of fun about them which draws people into conversation.
    I will be back in California to drive my brother's Superlight R in a month. I can hardly wait


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      If you have any photos, mail them to me at [email protected], and I'll post them on the gallery page.

      /Magnus F.