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Details: Karting Day in Riverside at Adam's Track

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  • Details: Karting Day in Riverside at Adam's Track

    I trust the holidays haven't gotten you down and you're surviving in good shape!

    Here are the details or our planned karting day, and feel free to spread the word amongst the willing:

    Date: Sunday, January 22, 2006
    Time: We anticipate the 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM slot.
    Cost: $100/driver

    The entry fee enables each driver to compete in four races, two on the shorter "flat" or "school" course, plus two on the entire "long" course. The karts we will use are sprint karts capable of 50mph on the Adams track straight, with bumpers all around. Set-up like this, they will allow passing in the turns. When the races are done, the track organizers will provide a mini-award ceremony. Each driver will also get a breakdown of each lap of every race (RF-ID). The benefit to a group event (versus walk on after 5PM) is that we get the track to ourselves, more laps in the last two races, and an award ceremony.

    Regarding food: Adams track caters food, so I suggest we include a BBQ steak dinner or something similar at an extra cost (more details to follow). We will be very hungry afterward. Show up a early to check in and suit up. You can bring your own race suit, helmet & gloves if you like or use theirs. Check out the following link for more information.

    Adams Kart Track info-
    5292 24th St, Riverside, CA 92509
    Just North of the 60 Fwy. Exit from 60 Fwy at Market St, Go North to 24th and turn left.

    We will need the following from each participating driver:

    Name (first and last):
    City, State, Zip:
    $100 fee

    To reserve a spot, please send the registration information and check to:

    Note: our group size is limited to 30 drivers, and at this price, for this much racing, we anticipate a sell-out.

    Hope some of you will join us!
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    Clark - should we make the check out to Nickolas or to Adams Kart Track?



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      Karting Day - Info Update

      The Karting Day event is getting better!

      First, a new time: 9:00AM to 1:00PM - same date, January 22, 2006.

      This will give our group exclusive use of the track. The track is also giving us an extra (5th) race - for our event championship. Top ten drivers based on lap times from the earlier four races will determine who drives in the final on the Adams Track long course.

      To reserve a spot, please send your check and requested information (original posting) to Nick at:
      Nickolas Rigney
      1381 Milburn Ave.
      Redlands, CA 92373

      See ya racin'


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        Darn it, can not come.
        I am going to Sweden the next day. No, I am not Magnus but I have to go there anyway. January in Sweden....Oh well. Now I just need to find out where this Orebro is.



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          It's right here:

          There are several trains every day from Stockholm to أ–rebro. The trip takes 2 hrs with regular trains. No high speed trains seems to be available on this route, though. Probably too short trip to bother.

          Tell me if you need any further help.

          /Magnus F.


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            I have major oral surgery the preceeding Thursday. Physical impact unknown. I will not be able to commit until next Thursday's visit to the surgeon. I'll ask about the implications then.

            If there's no room by then, well, dem's da breaks. I really want to go however.
            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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              Magnus, thanks for the info. Looks like my contact is going to pick me up at the airport hotel. The Orebro web site shows a quite interesting place. Looks kind of my home town. Some medieveal stuff and nice medium size...



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                Mailed the check for Miwako and I to Nickolas today.

                /Magnus F.


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                  Karting Day - Thanks for Joining!

                  Hi Magnus & Miwako,

                  Thank-you for joining our event. It'll be fun on the track with you two - driving someone else's machinery!

                  Merry Christmas,


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                    Do you know if there's any more room for the kart event? I'm recovering from the surgery enough to give it a whirl. Or, if you can post the phone number I'll call.

                    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                      Chris, here is a copy of an email I got this morning from Nick, the organizer of the event. Sounds like there is room for more:

                      Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

                      Get ready to rumble.

                      9AM BE THERE!

                      We have a great group set up. If you have not paid, bring $$ to the track and pay them directly. If you have paid and do not see an 'x' by you name, call me 818-257-1904. There is room for more and they will allow us to go over 30 so just show up. You wont want to hear about it second hand. Contact me if you want possible carpool options.

                      It will be sunny but chilly, so dress accordingly. Adams will loan helmets, neck braces and suits. You are welcome to bring your own. Helmets require shields. You may like to wear gloves too.

                      Food: They will provide drinks (water & sodas) as part of the organized event. There was no response to lunch offerings from Adams so that is considered dropped. They have not notified me if they will open the snack bar (special) for our large group, so we will need to fend for our selves. I am considering ordering a 6' from Subway (roast beef, turkey breast, club, BMT [pepperoni/salami/ham]) that should feed over half of us for $5 or less. Do you want that????

                      When you arrive, be prepared to let us know your racing skill so we can try and match heats with similar skills. Blocking only slows everyone's times. I for one am aggressive but have little track time.

                      See you there,


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                        Sounds good, but do you have any contact info for him? I'd love to know more before driving out that way, although I'll probably go anyway.

                        A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                          Here's Nick's number: 818-257-1904
                          Hope to see you there!


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                            Still got room at Adams Kart Track

                            Sorry for not being more responsive to this forum. I've been looking forward to getting together, putting in some good laps, maybe a BLAT afterwards, and then talking about our Se7ens 2006 season. And what better way to sharpen skills so early in the year than with the preferred method of so many great drivers? Okay, off the soapbox!

                            Turns out our quota of 30 drivers was just a number we were shooting for, and Adams Track will accomodate more if more show up. So by all means, come to the track by about 8:30 AM Sunday morning and sign up. We'll have a guaranteed blast!

                            These karts are faster than the ones I used to race in the American Sportsman class with the Southern California Sprinters. Sit down and hang on! I'd love to be racing with all of our Se7en group, you're some of the best sportsman and friends a gearhead could ever want. Trust me on this point, 'You'll learn more, and get more sore in one morning of karting than in a season of occasional track events'. Karting is a very physical sport, not unlike boxing or aerobics. If you're doing it right, you'll exit the track at the end of each race with your arms and shoulders aching, heart-rate maxed and panting like you just ran a mile! Sounds like a fun way to spend a Sunday morning? No??


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                              Right. See ya there.
                              A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted