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NASA Schedule for So. Cal. - Tentative

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  • NASA Schedule for So. Cal. - Tentative


    Woody Harris just sent the tentative Southern California NASA event dates for 2006 (from Ryan Flaherty), and requested our input to help in planning a few joint NASA track weekends with the Northern California Se7en enthusiasts. Sounds like a good idea to me, so please respond with your preferences.

    March 10-12, California Speedway
    April 9 & 10, Buttonwillow Raceway
    June 11 & 12, Buttonwillow Raceway
    October 14 & 15, Buttonwillow Raceway
    November 12 & 13, Buttonwillow Raceway

    Ryan says he is still waiting on Willow Dates. Also, I'd be personally interested in Laguna Seca dates. It's a thrilling track to drive with great history, and really only about an hour and a half further than Buttonwillow. Great sightseeing and other recreational opportunities for the non-drivers in our households too. Dinner at Monterey Joes and life just doesn't get much better!

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    I am definitely interested in the Speedway event and probably one or two more NASA weekends. Laguna Seca sounds really good but I am not sure how you want to do 200 miles in 1 1/2 hours :) But is is good that I ordered the new (and hopefully quiet) Raceco can. With my current exhaust condition I don't think I would be allowed to run on the Laguna Seca track.

    I suppose by March I will drool for another track day. For the next couple of months my Seven is locked away to make sure I finish an extensive home remodeling project.



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      Laguna Seca - Events

      Woody said that NASA usually does not host weekend competitive track events at Laguna Seca, and suggests we consider running with another group to get on that track. The Alfa Romeo (AROSC) group we ran with at Buttonwillow last Memorial Day weekend does hold events there if they are able to secure a weekend. At this point, we'll have to wait and see.

      In case of misunderstanding from my initial post, getting to Laguna Seca and the Monterey Peninsula takes about 1-1/2 hours longer than the haul to Buttonwillow. I usually take the 5 North, then go West on 46 to Paso Robles, then North on 101 to the Monterey turnoff.
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        After my great experience at the recent NASA event at Infineon, I'll definitely do more this year. I'll plan to do the California Speedway event in March and the Willow Springs events, and I'll try to do Buttonwillow at least once.

        Regarding the trip to Laguna Seca, if you are driving your Seven, you should consider taking Hwy 58 between the 5 and 101 instead of Hwy 46. We did this road on the USA2005 Tour and it was magnificent! Lots of twists and turns at both ends with a scenic straight stretch in the middle, virtually no other traffic, and it didn't seem to be patrolled.



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          event planning

          I would try to make most of these dates.



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            What Doug said. I very much intend to ratchet up my track days this coming year.

            Laguna Seca holds only limited interest for me. I'd rather go out to Thunderhill.
            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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              I'm definitely interested. The April date may conflict with our usual Shelby Club visit to the Streets, but.....

              I think that Monterey is more like 3 hours past Buttonwillow, at least. I know that Parkfield is about the most southeastern part of Monterey county and it is around 175 miles from Monterey and most of an hour north west of Buttonwillow. And I'd love to make the drive!!!!


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                Hi Guys,

                I will try to come down for at least one of the Buttonwillow events. April would seem best to avoid the heat. The bake-o-rama last May was a little intense.


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                  Come on Michael, you are from Austrailia and should be used to some heat. I mean Buttonwillow was on the warm side but I have seen much worse....


                  P.S.: I have been invited by a business acquaintance for a boar hunting trip with daggers next time I go to Australia. Sounds a little outlandish but is that a local sport?


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                    I am told that boar hunting with daggers is quite popular among the foreign tourist crowd. What your friend didn't tell you is that, to comply with Australian animal rights laws, the hunter must be naked and must complete the safari without toilet paper. For reasons I do not understand these requirements are popular among Brits and Swedes. If you plan to go be sure to pack plenty of salt... for removing leeches from those hard-to-get-at places.


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                      Well, maybe I pass on that one. A slice of roast on my plate is about as intimate as I want to get with any boar, even if the Australian variety is supposed to be rather smallish. I still can use a dagger on that slice :)



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                        Willow Springs Raceway has now posted their 2006 Events schedule. The Streets of Willow show NO days reserved for the LASAAC on the schedule. If that is correct, then NASA is likely to see a lot more 7s next year!!!


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                          Here's the updated SoCal Nasa schedule off their web site, including the Willow Springs events:

                          2006 EVENT SCHEDULE ANNOUNCED
                          February 11 & 12, Willow Springs Raceway
                          March 10-12, California Speedway
                          April 8 & 9, Buttonwillow Raceway
                          May 6 & 7, Willow Springs Raceway
                          June 10 & 11, Buttonwillow Raceway
                          July 8 & 9, Willow Springs Raceway
                          August 5 & 6, Willow Springs Raceway
                          October 14 & 15, Buttonwillow Raceway
                          November 11 & 12, Buttonwillow Raceway

                          Does anyone know if the Willow Springs events are at the Streets of Willow or the big track?
                          (edit - I just checked the raceway's web site and it looks like all Nasa events are on the big track)

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                            In an idle moment I combined the Norcal and Socal tentative schedules. The table does not copy and paste very well, but here it is. Come on guys, pick two weekends to come north. It is god's own country up here, and the tracks are much better.

                            Tentative 2006 NASA Schedules
                            Date Norcal Schedule Socal Schedule
                            January 21-22 Laguna Seca (HPDE only)
                            February 4-5 Infineon
                            February 11-12 Willow Springs
                            March 11-12 Thunderhill California Speedway
                            April 1-2 Thunderhill
                            April 8-9 Buttonwillow
                            April 19 Thunderhill (midweek)
                            April 29-30 Infineon
                            May 6-7 Willow Springs
                            May 10 Thunderhill (midweek)
                            May 27-28 Thunderhill
                            June 10-11 Buttonwillow
                            June 24-25 Reno-Fernley
                            June 28 Thunderhill (midweek)
                            July 8-9 Willow Springs
                            July 21 Thunderhill
                            August 5-6 Willow Springs
                            August 12-13 Thunderhill
                            September 9-10 Infineon (HPDE only)
                            September 11-17 Mid Ohio (Nationals) Same
                            October 7-8 Infineon
                            October 14-15 Buttonwillow
                            October 26 Thunderhill (midweek)
                            November 11-12 Thunderhill Buttonwillow
                            December 1-3 Thunderhill 25 hr.


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                              Is that all.....