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  • Pacific Northwest 2007

    Well, you may call me nuts. But I am trying to get another tour going.

    No idea about details yet. But the general area of the Pacific Northwest with a trip up the coast from CA, east through British Columbia, south to Yellowstone and somehow back to Nor/So Cal looks promising. Having plans for 2006 it might be Summer of 2007.

    Anybody else ready for a whacky trip?

    Let me know.....


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    Count me in! There are a couple of books available that could make the planning a little easier for us if we do indeed focus on the Washington/BC area. The Destination Highways series is written for motorcyclists and focuses on those roads that are so much fun to drive that they are a worthy destination all on their own -- just what we want for a se7en. You can read a sample review here. I have the Washington book and could be persuaded to buy the BC book if we are serious about this trip.

    Another benefit of the PNW is that the Lotus club is fairly active in the area, so I am sure we could line up some support assistance along the way.

    Westfield SEiW
    2.0L Duratec
    Throttle Steer


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      I'm interested too!
      I'll bet some of the Texas guys would want to come along, maybe shipping their cars to California and back.


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        Hi Gert,

        Sounds great! Count me in.
        Tom "ELV15" Jones


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          Miwako and I are on.
          Suggest dates so that people can mark their calendars.

          Brad, I think you can duct tape a booster seat for your daughter to the rear end of you car.

          /Magnus F.


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            If we can get the child seat rigged, I'm in. The 2007 time frame is probably better for me, but either way I'm interested.

            Can we get a Woody for this? As in Mr. Harris!! Perhaps if we all contribute to fund his expenses it will provide us a measure of increased reliability/security and one more good guy on the trip.

            What sort of security did the tour have for the 7s at their various stops?


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              USA 2007 Tour


              You can count me in. If there is any way that I can contribute to the planning from Michigan, I will do it!

              We LOVED USA2005 and will haul our Ultralite to NorCal for this event in a heartbeat!



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                Hmm, pretty good first response so far. I will come up with some proposals about timeframes, durations and areas to cover.

                Magnus, is it O.k. to host this event communication on the CCC site? If so, a separate category may be useful if and when planning gets started for real. At that point we could begin to actively promote the event.

                Also, I don't want to impose myself as the event master. But if nobody objects I will keep collecting and organizing information for now.




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                  Please answer the questions below (e.g. "preferred", "maybe" or "no way") according to your preference and send back to me by private message (button below). This questionnaire assumes generally a loop up the Pacific Coast from CA to BC and somehow back inland. 3 weeks might allow for a larger loop through e.g. Yellowstone or more rest days for local driving, sightseeing etc.

                  I will tally and publish the replies.

                  Tour in 2006?
                  Tour in 2007?
                  During Summer?
                  May or September?
                  Total 2 weeks?
                  Total 3 weeks, more 2-day stays?
                  Total 3 weeks, larger loop?
                  Total 2 1/2 weeks incl. July 4 holiday?
                  Rest/sightseeing days 20%?
                  Rest/sightseeing days 30%?
                  For SoCal: Car shipping to/from NorCal desired (save 2-3 days)?
                  Parking for tow car/trailer needed?
                  Loose organization with hotel self-booking preferred?
                  Central organization with hotel group booking preferred?

                  Any other ideas?

                  Lessons learned/confirmed in USA2005:
                  - The average daily distance should be less than 300 miles.
                  - 1 or 2 days with 400 miles are still O.K.
                  - A support truck/trailer is almost mandatory to keep the troups together
                  - Some rest/local driving days are needed

                  Official start/end point could be e.g. S.F., Sacramento, Oakland etc.

                  Thanks, Gert


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                    Originally posted by Roll a 7
                    What sort of security did the tour have for the 7s at their various stops?
                    Brad, I guess it is the security a herd offers :lol:

                    But seriously, there was no specific security. The tour group sometimes had reserved parking, sometimes just distributed on the parking lot. Most people who could removed their steering wheel and took the valuables out, I locked the front wheel (sometimes) with a heavy bike cable. Nobody knows the starting trick, anyway. Another piece of security, except in the dead of night, was the many owners hanging out in the parking lot all the time.

                    After all, such conspicuous cars are probably rarely stolen.



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                      Dr. Gert, We all know that teutonic organization is the best; so, you should be running the show!! Your great idea, your show.

                      I'll lend a hand any way that I can. I'm guessing that we can find 10-20 guys willing to go. Brad


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                        A specific forum has been created for this event.
                        Please continue the discussion there.

                        Gert. Tell me if you need any help from me setting up additional things on the club site to support your planning.

                        /Magnus F.


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                          West Coast trip

                          Hi Gert and all,

                          Two comments:
                          1. I would love to do another trip and think we should start as soon as Woody gets my car repaired so I won't have to bring it home to Colorado and then back to California to the starting line. How soon Woody?

                          2. When you are planning, please remember thet Lotus Colorado is hosting LOG 27(LOG = Lotus Owners Gathering) in AspenSnowmass August 23-26, 2007 and all Caterkinfields are welcome. Make sure this event is on your calendar and you plan around it since we have some pretty nice roads and scenery around Aspen, right Gert?

                          Ross Robbins


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                            Very interested in this please put me on any mailing list in connection with this tour. I would be looking for 2 places all together (1car 2bodies!)




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                              We're interested Gert, and have put our preferences in the other thread on the CCC forum