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    Anybody interested in a SoCal Thanksgiving Weekend overnighter blat? Maybe a large circle up the coast and back through the desert to allow folks from SD as well as OC and LA to participate :?

    Looks like I got infected with a Sevens Tour bug :roll:


    P.S.: What is the cheapest way to get my Birkin to Alaska and back?

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    Hey Gert, it sounds like a great idea, but I'll be at the Grand Canyon with the family for Thanksgiving :?

    You are right about this touring being addicting as I'm have a great time just doing the last week of the USA Tour. I spent today with the Leben's and Bernie driving through the redwoods and coast of Marin and Sonoma counties. Yesterday we spent the day at Woody's shop (got Woody's new radius rods installed and a new map for the ecu :D , what a difference!). Tomorrow is my first track day at Infineon with NASA. Sunday I have to drive all the way home alone :cry:

    I posted a couple of pics in the blat's album.



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      P.S.: What is the cheapest way to get my Birkin to Alaska and back?


      Be careful, now you've done it! I suggest you communicate with Dan Holtman (I think he's on this list, if not we can change that) as an Alaska trip is one of his long cherished plans.

      Good Luck


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        Sorry, I will be freezing my (surprisingly firm) ass off in Moscow by then, deploying our shiny new product.

        Still better than Sibiria, where my collegue will spend January upgrading their GPRS-network.

        /Magnus F.


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          Woody, I will write to Dan. But I did a quick sanity check and Alaska would require far more than the available 2-3 weeks to do something like 9000 miles. Even the auto ferry from Seattle/Bellington to Skagway (takes out 1/3 of the distance) takes 3-4 days each way and is $3000.
          Maybe for the next trip I look for something closer. Montana/Wyoming should be nice.....



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            Gert, Alaska does not sound good to me.

            In winter it's a trifle cold for a seven. In summer there are bugs. Many, many bugs. Either way, not a good option in an open car.

            Go to British Columbia. More beautiful than Alaska. I believe that, as a Commonwealth country, they still worship the Queen. You can buy smoked salmon and tooks (aka beanies) (aka ski hats) knitted by indigenous peoples, speak franch, buy smoked salmon, ski, buy smoked salmon, etc. Any you can pay for it all with cheap money.


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              Yes, I heard something about the mosquito being the official Alaska State Bird. I would do it anyway but the distance is just not realistic. Oh, well.

              British Columbia is indeed tempting, smoked salmon or not. I will try to collect ideas and find other interested Seveners for the Pacific Northwest. Something like Coast Hwy to Vancouver, east through BC to Glacier NP, to Yellowstone, then back west/south through Oregon. That is about 4000-4500 miles from LA. Not too bad for 3 weeks. Probably too late for 2006 (e.g. I have already other plans) but why not 2007?



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                Hi Gert,

                This is a wonderful idea...unfortunatly, I'll not be able to join, as we already had plans to go out of town for the holiday.
                Tom "ELV15" Jones