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Classic Car races @ Coronado October 8 & 9

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  • Classic Car races @ Coronado October 8 & 9

    They're BAAAAACK!!! As usual we will meet at the Old Town Mexican Cafe in Old Town (San Diego) for breakfast @ 8:30 AM on saturday October 8. I'll be handing out the Corral Passes so that we can park as a group. As you may surmise it's gonna be 7s FIRST for the ten available passes. Contact me here or offline if you have any questions.

    Dave Elsebusch should be running his Lotus 7 series II car again, along with many other interesting and historic cars participating. The opportunity to see the cars and meet the drivers in the pits is about as good as it gets in any form if racing. See ya there!! 8)

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    I'll try to show up for breakfast.

    If not, I'll drive directly to the event.

    Right now I need to haul my ass out to the garage and get my car back together.

    /Magnus F.


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      I also plan on driving down in the morning.
      Hope to be on time for breakfast.

      John Coombs


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        Great day at Coronado

        Thanks to all for a great day out.
        Magnus it was good to meet you and to run down together.
        Had a blast and look forward to the next blat.


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          John & Shirley: Enjoyed meeting you and seeing your beautiful Birkin; a really nice example. The rest of you will also enjoy meeting J & S and seeing the color/preparation of their 7. I can see why the sellers were broken hearted to see it leave their lives!!

          This website promotes quite a few events for 7s during the year and we hope to see you out again!! Brad


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            I posted som pictures from the pit in the Album section under Misc.

            /Magnus F.


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              On saturday we met for breakfast @ OTMC, as usual, with three 7s present, Mark, Terry and mine. Brad B was there without his 7, but the silver Kamm tail Alfa he brought was an acceptable replacement. Roger T was also there and reports some progress on his garage built 7. Two additional car enthusiasts, Dave & Jim, also joined the tour.

              When we arrived @ Coronado there was another 7esque vehicle called a Blakeley 7; whose owner we never did meet. After a bit Magnus arrived with his supercharged zetec 7 and was followed by John Coombes in his very nice blue Birkin sporting 200 HP in the zetec.

              A gent I know from autocrossing, Minh, also joined the Lotus park in his yellow Europa. Since Feb of last year he has been building a Locost in his garage. We can expect this young engineer to be joining us in his 7, most likely next year.

              Rod L was also there checking out the 7s and getting ready to decide what sort of 7 he will be going with.

              Two original Lotus 7 series II cars were also entered in the event and raced. A bunch of Lotus 11s, Lotus 23s and other vintage Lotus cars were also entered. Once again Lotus was almost certainly the best represented manufacturer at the event.

              All in all another fine vintage race event.