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TWENTY FIVE 7s @ Willow Springs yesterday

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  • TWENTY FIVE 7s @ Willow Springs yesterday

    Or was it twentysix?

    The cars included the Locosts of Dave G and Dion (sp?), Birkins of Dr. Gert, Dick B and Stosh, the Westy of JohnC plus Wayne and Doug's Caterhams. The remainder of this beautiful rainbow of 7s came from the 2005 USA Tour. As Yanks we are looking a little lame when we get more 7s from the UK @ WSR than the USA.....

    Sworn to absolute secrecy, one anonymous participant in the tour has volunteered a few stories.

    Most days on tour the 7s broke into smaller groups on the road based upon desired speed of travel, side trips, preferred company, the time when participants arose from sleep, and the condition of their brain cells in the AM. Most stops for gas/food/lodging resulted in a considerable commotion from bystanders and spectators with questions, photos etc.

    Some of the tour members were described as brilliantly talented 7 drivers and these fellows often set their own pace, ahead of the rest.

    Evidently the raucuos noise from our UK based brethrens 7s had a delightful effect in the Las Vegas hotel parking structures: The exhaust noise set off car alarms; lots of them. This became a "sport" when moving the cars around. Or just an inexpensive form of entertainment when bored.

    Perhaps the most techically interesting 7 was the 2.4 liter V8 of Mike Biddle/Dubai fame. This motor had an astonishing sound, put out 400 BHP and was rumored to have cost 20,000 BP. Amazing what two motorcycle engines mated to common crankcase can accomplish. It seems that the sum of the motors becomes exponential.

    Two couples used the tour to recite their nuptial vows. The weddings ocurred in Las Vegas where the couples were united in their 7s, at the drive through wedding chapel. Very convenient and appropriate!!!

    Last thursday the tour discovered the fine twisty sports car roads around the "Big Ditch", aka the Grand Canyon. As usual, the fastest cars were far in front of the pack in a sort of beakaway from the peloton, which was flying fast through the firs at 75 MPH. The lead cars were traveling at a considerably higher velocity when they had the misfortune to encounter the the local gendarmes, who were engaged in fulfilling their employment responsibilities regarding limitations of speed pertaining to motorized vehicles travelling on Arizona public highways. Upon sighting the 7s and making the acquaintances of the drivers the officers issued four tickets on the spot (possibly a record?). This leading pack of 7s was then given a personal police escort off the road and not invited back any time soon. Yet another example of poor yank manners shown to guests from another country. We really need to be more tolerant of the of the customs and mores of the peoples from other lands.

    The preceding tale of the tickets is one of the more unusual speeding stories to come my way in recent years.

    Any additional chapters added by participants or malicious rumor mongerers might be enjoyed by the readers....

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    Got some pics up.


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      Damn. Just more incentive to get my car registered this year. Looks like so much fun.
      One thing though, it looks like everyone overpacked.


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        All the luggage hit the parking lot when the lads and lassies hit the track!

        Wayne should contact you through this website about the windshield. He should be checking his Emails tonite or tomorrow.

        We are looking forward to seeing your 7 on the Streets of Willow, hopefully in April.


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          Originally posted by venom7
          One thing though, it looks like everyone overpacked.

          You mean like this couple?

          Even so, she's looking at him like he left her hair dryer at home:)


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            Pictures of the Sevens at Willow Springs and Tehachapi posted in the blat section of the album


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              CCC Hero

              Fellow list member Doug Liedblad is far too modest when he just posts some pictures from the USA Tour visit to Willow Springs.

              Consider the following: Seeing that it was a warm day, Doug was struck by a spur-of-the-moment thought to buy several packages of Ice Lollies (Popsicles to us us Yanks) which he passed out to hot and very grateful tour members when they arrived at the track.

              Next, Doug found out about the plight of Steve Wiseman who was having MAJOR issues with the highly turbocharged Cosworth YB engine in his Sylvia Stryker. Doug contacted an engine machine shop owning friend, arranged to meet him at his shop, drove Steve and the cyl head to the shop in Chatsworth where the head was assembled and then drove the lot back to the motel in Tehachepi (before midnight so he says). Along with this Doug offered his Caterham to Steve for the drive from the track to the motel (and even Cambria if wanted) since he though it was a shame for someone to come all this way and not get in at least a little California Se7en driving.

              I think this is a wonderful example of what great people make up the Se7ens community.



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                Doug gets the "Ten thumbs up" award for all that he has done for a bunch of us in the past few years!! He exemplifies the 7 owners spirit.

                The 7ers arriving @ WSR after 3 plus hours of desert heat in the drive from Las Vegas know best how cool and refreshing the ice lollies were upon arrival. It was more of Doug's over the top thoughtfulness. 8)


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                  :mrgreen: Many thanks to Doug for the GREAT SURPRISE of ice lollies when we got to WSR, they made our day i must say as the run into Mojave from Barstow was "toasty" as we say here in the UK. if any of you want to come to the UK to be on the "parent" circuit that a fair part of WSR is like known as Anglesey in Wales, drop me a PM as we go there twice a year, Good Friday, and a date in October for a very affordable track day.

                  the circuit was a real corker of fun, and we figured out quickly how to position ourselves *opposite* the "pace car" so that maximum fun was possible for the session.

                  cheers to Gert (and i'm sure others!) for helping set up the event. the only disappointment was that not all the USA2005 group had made it there before it ended.....
                  8) it was great to see so many USA Se7ens in one place :!: