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AROSC Sept 2nd and 3rd.

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  • AROSC Sept 2nd and 3rd.

    Anybody going to their TT/ driving school next weekend?

    I'll be at the Shelby event later in the month also.


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    AROSC driving sch. Sept. 3+4

    I am. Finally! It'll be the beginners class for me.

    Scott E.


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      Sorry that I won't be seeing you guys at this event. I've heard that their school is really good and I DO NEED the instruction!!!

      This will help a lot for the Shelby weekend a few weeks later. One of these times I am going to get this school onto my schedule.


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        Sorry, also not coming and also in dire need of instruction. But I am preparing the car for the USA2005 tour (at least I just received my new bonnet :) )



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          I can report that I did well. Instructors had nothing but pats on the back for my efforts.

          A little reading from the first few chapters of 'Going Faster', a couple dozen laps as a passenger with Michael Murphy at last September's Shelby Club Event at the Streets, and much gracious help from Doug during TWO tire malfunctions allowed me to take advantage of all the track and skid pad time I could handle.

          I can't make the Shelby Club weekend later this month but, will try to get to any others later on.

          Yep. This is what the Seven was made for. Luckily no upgrade-itis, yet. Only need to find the line and brake a little harder and a little later. You're no stangers to that.

          Scott E.