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USA 2005 Sevens Tour To Finish at Jim Russell Racing

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  • USA 2005 Sevens Tour To Finish at Jim Russell Racing

    It looks like we can break the 2003 Infineon Super Seven Festival record for the most sevens at an event in the US...

    The Jim Russell Racing School ( will host the finish of the grand 3,400-mile USA 2005 Sevens Tour ( at Infineon Raceway, on Tuesday, October 4, 2005. British racing champion Jim Russell founded the racing school industry in 1957, and, after training many champions in the intervening years, the Russell School has now generously agreed to donate its facilities and services to provide Tour participants with a memorable driving experience on the "ultimate" US road circuit.

    At midday on October 4th, at least 55 cars, from 10 countries across Europe and the Middle East, as well as the United States, will take to the track and drive the serpentine, undulating 2.52 mile, 12-turn Infineon circuit to wind up their 22-day, 3,400-mile USA Tour. After leaving Infineon the Tour participants will head out in convoy for the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco for their final evening in the USA.

    Mark your calendar and watch here for more details. This promises to be the largest gathering of Sevens ever in the United States, with at least 55 Tour cars, plus the cars of US owners who come for the day. Plan to attend an unprecedented Sevens experience with Jim Russell Racing and the USA 2005 Sevens Tour.

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    Now THAT is an event I'd like to see. 8)


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      Originally posted by Roll a 7
      Now THAT is an event I'd like to see. 8)
      We're looking into the posibility of adding Sevens that come for the day to the USA 2005 Tour group that drives on the track. But no promises yet.

      We also hope to do a group photo of all Sevens that attend.


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        Here's the plan for October 4, at Infineon.

        The Russell Racing School has agreed to allow all Sevens to drive the Infineon track at noon, including the USA 2005 Tour participants plus any who come just for that day.

        If you want to drive, you must have your car ready to go (fuel, tire pressure, etc.) and lined up, across from the North end of the NASCAR garages, by 11:00 am, and attend the drivers' meeting to be conducted by Russell's Chief Instructor. Remember that there might be 50 or so Sevens trying to buy fuel at the track, so allow time accordingly. There may also be a second meeting after the track session, at the discretion of Russell.

        Sevens are scheduled to drive on the track from about 12:00 noon to about 1:00 pm - during the racing classes' lunch break. The format will be determined by Russell's Chief Instructor, and explained in the drivers' meeting, but this will be a low-key, non-competitive drive, and Russell has said that helmets will not be needed. The emphasis will be on having fun safely with a bunch of Sevens. I expect that a number of Russell instructors might be available to consult with Seven drivers.

        Following the track activities there will be time to buy lunch at the Infineon snack bar, and after lunch we'll try to do a group photo.

        Post any questions here, or PM me, and I'll try to get answers.


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          I'm definitely going to try and attend this event. All depends on getting the time off work - but I don't anticipate a single day being a problem.

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