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  • Paloblat

    I was invited to ride shotgun by Terry for the Paloblat wiith the Cal Cat Club, what a great day and event. My words can't express how much fun I had at this perfect blat, it was beyond any expetations I had. So much fun meeting the guys from CCC and watching, and listening to 7 Sevens claw thier way up and down those great mountain roads, like poetry in motion. Thank You All for the great experience and to Terry for letting me drive and abuse his 7 beyond any reasonable limits. What great fun! I think those biker guys were envious.

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    Roger: Thanks for joining us!! I hope that when we do a blat next year you will be able to attend in YOUR own completed 7!!!

    You might consider advertising your garage floor rotary motors in the "For Sale" section of this website. I know of at least two other gents building 7s at home that will be looking for some sort of motor. Those Mazda motors are a good solution with their light weight and high HP.

    See ya on the road! 8)