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NASA Se7ens Festival Nov 22/23

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  • NASA Se7ens Festival Nov 22/23

    While planning your busy social calendar, you might want to consider the NASA Se7ens Festival at "Infineon Raceway at Sears Point," Nov 22 & 23.

    For details of the event go to:


    Also, while it really isn't "an event," you might check out the NASA Se7ens Challenge race series rules at:

    There is a Challenege series discussion group on Yahoo at:
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    Hope to see you there. Meanwhile, have fun this weekend at Willow.

    Woody Harris

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    I am going!

    I will drive up there Friday and return Sunday night. Sounds like a fun event. I heard some 10 or 20 Sevens might be there.

    Anybody else planning to go?



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      I'm planning on being there the first day, the 22nd. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I'll be able to bring my 7.

      Steve L.
      '92 Caterham Prisoner Limited Edition


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        NASA Se7ens Festival Nov 22/23

        Well, the weather did not cooperate. Just as I was about to leave for Sonoma on Friday night, it started snowing here in Tahoe. But, I couldn't let that stop me, and I headed out in my Seven anyway!
        And it was well worth it. I was only able to be there for the first part of Saturday, but it was a great time. 28 Sevens there I think; Caterhams, Birkins, even a few true Lotuses! I saw a Series 1, an orange Series 4, and something that I couldn't tell whether it was a modified Series 2 or an early Series 3. All in all, an incredible turnout.
        I've never been interested in racing my Seven, but after getting out on the track for the Parade Lap, I think I may have to consider at least doing some autocrossing!
        Meeting Rich Kamp, after emailing back and forth many times, was definitely a high point of the day. He's a really good guy, and it's nice to see someone who loves Sevens so much, especially considering he deals with them every day! His is a fine addition to the Caterham dealerships.
        I put together a (very) makeshift webpage of the pictures I took while I was there, it's at:

        If you see your car in there, let me know your name and car info, and I'll add it to the page.

        My biggest thanks to Rich Kamp, Woody Harris, and all who put on the Festival. Can I plan on another one next year?!

        Steve L.
        1992 Caterham Prisoner Limited Edition


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          An event worth the 800 mile trip

          Although quite a drive away from LA I really enjoyed the Festival. I am wondering if there have been many events in the US with that many Sevens in one spot, if any (see previous post). I think that I made only one mistake: not to participate in Woody's Napa wine-country road tour. The weather was gorgeous (sunny and clear but cool) but I did 2 days of track session instead. Tough choice....

          The Infineon Race Track took quite some getting used to. Blind corners and unforgiving walls in many places :shock: So far I have been only to the rather hillbilly style Willow Springs track in the open desert. Big difference to an international racetrack like Infineon.

          It was most interesting to compare the Sevens of the various brands and vintages including that phantastic '59 S1. But even more amazing than the appearance was its driving performance in the Sevens race, motoring away from many state of the art Sevens with an anemic engine, wire wheels and very narrow road tires. Another example, that driving skill and experience count more than material.

          I will send some pictures and (if it came out well) a short video clip to Magnus for the Gallery.



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            Sounds like we missed a great 7 event. Is there any plan to do it again? Perhaps @ a So Cal location? Thanks for letting the rest of us know a little more about this :!:


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              Dave's Report

              A very comprehensive report of the NASA Se7ens Festival by Dave Harris here:



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                Festival Video

                I finally got around to edit and encode the video from the NASA 7's Festival 2003.
                You can find it here

                Warning: it is 5 Mbyte, so it may take a while depending on your download bandwidth. For technical reasons I had to upload it as .avi file although inside it is a Windown Media Encoder .wmv file. That means you need a newer Windows Media Player and it may cause some warning messages, to be ignored. The video quality is, well, moderate. But it may give an impression of the event.

                Many thanks to Jim with Birkinsport who took the video clip of the 7's fun race while I was on the track.

                Cheers, Gert