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San Diego/Mt. Palomar blat on Saturday June 25

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  • San Diego/Mt. Palomar blat on Saturday June 25

    Magnus and I think that it's about time to terrorize the daredevil/laydown rice rocket bikers on the mountain, again. Our thought is to meet @ the junction of EYE 15 and Hwy 76 again, assault Mt. Palomar and head off to Julian for lunch like our previous trip. Great roads and scenery with an addition or two planned.

    Prior participants included Dr. Gert & Brad B. Does this date work for others and WHO is interested?? Matt? Terry?? Clark?? Additional Orange county-ites?? San Diegans??

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    Hmmmm, good proposal :)

    A little problem I have is I just yanked the carbs and put the bottle throddies on with new linkage. I think I should have a chance to get it back up running in the remaining 10 days, provided the following:
    - install pressure regulator and front end plumbing
    - get the valve cover back from polishing
    - install the new fuel pump and filter
    - install a bulkhead connector in the fuel cell for the return line
    - upgrade the ECU firmware for injection (don't know how long that is going to take with Emerald....)
    - load new maps and engine settings
    - tune the maps for reasonable running

    well, count me in unless I have a big problem and let you know.



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      Sorry out of town that weekend, but I'll get there one of these times.



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        I'm 90% sure I can make it and I will know for sure in just a few days.
        What time would we meet up?


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          For the record: I am on, and I will probably bring my guardian (Miwako) as well.

          /Magnus F


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            I am making progress. Got all the missing parts now including the valve cover (looks nice in polished ali), injector connectors and the ECU firmware upgrade. Looks like a busy weekend....



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              I am definitely interested. I need to double check the calendar to make sure that there are no conflicts.



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                Last time we met @ the gas station @ the NW corner of the intersection of EYE 15 and Hwy 76. Everyone can then top off their gas and tow vehicles/trailers can be left on the gravel lot across the street (SW corner) and we can blast off on some great two lane CA twisties. Around 9 or 9:30 AM would give everyone time to get there, since it is not really close to anyone. I'm open to the group for the best starting time.

                Last time we assaulted the mountain, then Julian (lunch) and took the Sunrise Hwy to EYE 8, then back. I'm planning to throw another "new" road into this trip and would be completely open to other route suggestions from participants, papparazzi, etc. Especially the Ducati rider: Brad B.

                Matt S: if you are going let's caravan from LJ.

                I will spread the word to other SD & OC 7ers that might be interested. 8)


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                  I'm in for sure! :D

                  I'll stay at my brother's house on Coronado Saturday night after the drive, and come home on Sunday.



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                    Well, looking good so far....

                    All wired and plumbing complete (including the missing return line into the fuel cell). Fuel pressure seems to be stable at 44.7 psi. New maps loaded
                    and.....yes, it runs :!: :) :D :P :!:

                    I still need to iron out a few wrinkles from the injection map but if nothing goes horribly wrong I should be able to make the PaloBlat. I don't think I will get around to hook up the atmospheric pressure sensor but I suppose the altitude isn't that bad at this trip as to foul my plugs or something.

                    I will let you know in a few days if is going to work out!



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                      I'll be at a concert Friday night in LA, so will be up late. 9ish surely be too early for me. I am also dropping my car at a fabricator in Temecula to put in a roll cage and side impact bars. I will be headed out 76, so maybe we will cross paths.



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                        Maybe this is a dumb question, but...

                        Will I be okay with my Webers going up Palomar? I never really thought about it before, but they don't adjust the mixture at altitude do they?



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                          Those who went before drove back intact. Dr. Gert did so with Webers in 2003.

                          The effect will be to richen your air/fuel mixture. This makes the car less likely to "blow up" because the cylinders will be "wetter" than normal; which is better than "drier". Drier is what melts motors.

                          Hoping you will join the fun :!:


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                            Yeah, no problem with the carbs. Actually much less than fuel injection without compensation. To a degree the carbs are self-compensating, i.e. thinner air makes less differential pressure in the venturis and as a result less fuel being sucked in (Bernoulli Law). Supposedly in real life it is not a perfect compensation but I never had trouble and even on the Mt Baldy parking lot (7500' ?) the AFR readings were still reasonable.



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                              Palomar Run


                              I'm interested in tagging along with "MK7". It will be a real test of reliability for it. Terry and I have made a pact to tow the other home in case of trouble. Not looking forward to the hours drive up 15 though!

                              I have travelled the following route south from Mt Palomar peak:

                              Down the on South Grade exiting onto 76 next to Lake Henishaw. Right on Mesa Grande (very curvey road) over to 7? to Santa Ysabel (gas stop for those that need it - me). Left up toward Julian. Before entering Jullian take the Pine Hills Road right to Eagle Peak Road and then onto Engineers Road (this misses out Jullian, which may not suit everybody). This joins 79 right at Cuyamacha Lake. There is a resturant/cafe there overlooking the lake that is quite reasonable. Then onto Sunrise Highway or on to Descanso. If any of you feel like going just a little further south of 8 there are some superb roads that run down toward Jamul. From there you can join 94 and take that back to 805 and then 15 to go back north. An alternative is to head toward Jamul south of 8, but instead of making the turn later on keep going on toward Alpine and rejoin 8 ther.
                              Lyons Valley Road is my personal favorite, but may be too tight for some.

                              Check it out on Mapquest or similar.