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  • Marina autocross

    Competed at Marina airport this weekend for the first time. It was run by the SCCA. Nice large site, large amount of cones, chalk used also to mark the course. The course was 5 straights with some salom type stuff inbetween. The ends were 180 turns with one 90 at the end. Very safe site.

    I ran 175-6-13 A032R all around with 17 lbs air warm. Turning worked best by using the brakes and gas while assisting with the steering wheel. I was happy with my times but other fast DM cars took the places.

    Next time I hope to have two drivers which should keep the tires warmer. I hope to have more negative camber on the front to help it bite and lower rear tire pressures. I have heard of camber adjustments from 1.5 to 2.25. I am wondering what one rotation of the adjuster would equal. I might have to resort to trig to come up with the amount of change.

    Future hopes would be to get a WIDE wheel tire combo that would fit. Ideas welcome on fitment and sourse.

    Next weekend at Oakland is a Saturday AX school with a AX the next day. Might be fun anybody?

    Info at
    [email protected]

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    To be competitive in DM you will probably need to run Hoosier cantilvered autocross slicks. They are 9 1/2" wide and are good for around 40-70 laps @ about $175 ea and cannot be driven on the street. And you will probably need a set of 8" wide 13" wheels with proper offset. Perhaps your local SCCA chapter has a local class for run whatcha brung with street legal tires, where you might be very competitive.

    It sounds as though you are adapting well to 7 ownership in CA. A trip to Willow Springs to join up with us in Sept might also help the adaptation process. It's the last weekend of Sept.


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      A lot of changes to be made for track

      All advise is welcome, thanks.

      The tire issue in getting competitive in DM is a pain, but one I am considering. It is a shame that they won't let them in a prepared class with DOT rubber. SCCA Solo doesn't seem to friendly to these cars. Now in DM they want to add to the minimum weight. Looks like they want to drive them away. I knocked off 1.5 sec over my 4 runs. This was my second time AXing this car and was running the same times as a Superformance S1, but still 4 to 5 secs from the fastest DM cars. I think I could take 2 to 3 sec of my time with practice, but I would still not be in the ball park. Looks like I'll write a letter to the solo board. DM weights are a hot topic.

      Later on this year, before the next season of AX I will re-assess my AX goals. Sponsership is in the works, it just may end up in the Spyder, with a track focus for the Seven. Noreen did take the Spyder to the AX with a nubie result.

      I've got a bunch of stuff to do to be able to track, as in roll bar change, harness change, restraints, and extinguisher. Add to that my own clothing requirements. My focus will stay with AX at this time, but BW does sound like fun. It's just a question of money.

      Adapting to the area is a fun topic.
      Add six stitches and a black eye from trying to ride a horse that hasn't been riden in 30 years.
      Wine and food pairing seminar, (very lushy)
      Wine and Art festival, (very lushy)
      Wine Chambers meeting, (very lushy)
      drinking wine at home,(just a little lushy)
      Laguna Seca events, Rolex, timing and scoring
      Beach walks,(one total!)
      Sevens drive in Santa Crus mts.(Tom&Wayne)
      Spyder drive with bayareaZ's, (Z3 still in garage)
      And Clam Chouder at Phils Fish Market.
      [email protected]


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        Be careful if you're gonna run huge slicks. Great big wide tires induce loads that the chassis ain't designed to take. If you're gonna do this you'd better consider gussetting the shit out of the rear diff mount area. I saw a chassis two weeks ago that had failed totally for this reason.
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