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Breakfast Run to Tom's Farm - Sunday, May 22

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  • Breakfast Run to Tom's Farm - Sunday, May 22

    I'd like to invite our Southern California Caterham Club members and friends to an over the road BLAT with some of our crazies in the Riverside area!
    The plan is to meet at the Canyon Crest Town Center, near the corner of Central Ave. and Canyon Crest in Riverside about 8:30 AM Sunday morning, May 22. Resources are there if you crave an early morning caffinated jolt or maybe a bagel with cream cheese to satisfy hunger pangs. I'll supply you with very clear route instructions, leading you over hill and dale (yes, Doris, there are blind crests, sheer drop-offs and opportunities to open it up!) to Tom's Farm on Temescal Canyon Road near Corona. There, we'll meet for breakfast, and I'm sure there will be stories - there always are! That is of course, to talk about the panoramic views of the San Gabriels, the San Bernardinos and the San Jacintos.

    Please reply if you have any questions or need directions to the start. Hope to see some Sevens amongst our Ferraris, Triumphs, MG's, Maseratis Loti, and Aston Martins!


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    Clark, I may come down from Victorville for this. Can you give directions from the 215 to the start? Thanks!


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      Instructions to start of Tom's Farm Run

      Hi Stan,

      From the 215 heading into Riverside, I'll give you two routes, as I'm never sure of the status of the 215/60/91 interchange!

      1. Using the interchange:
      * 215
      * Take 60 Fwy. towards Indio (East)
      * Martin Luther King offramp
      * Left onto Canyon Crest (stoplight just after the offramp)
      * Right into Canyon Crest Town Center parking lot. (pretty big sign)

      2. Avoiding the interchange (I'd say this is your best bet!)
      * 215
      * Columbia St. offramp
      * Cross La Cadena Ave. at offramp STOP
      * Left at "T" intersection (near a Circle K)
      * Left onto Columbia at stoplight.
      * Right at Chicago Ave. Stay on Chicago about 3-4 miles.
      * Left at Martin Luther King Blvd.
      * Right at Canyon Crest Drive
      * Right into Canyon Crest Town Center parking lot (pretty big sign!)

      You can mapquest the meeting location if you enter 5225 Canyon Crest Dr. (42nd. Street Bagel Co.) in Riverside, CA., 92507

      Hope to see you Sunday,


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        Hmm, generally interested.

        However, what is the planned schedule? I need to be at the Chino airport around 11.30.

        Might actually be interesting for other folks after the breakfast. They have the annual "Planes of Fame" airshow going on there with flying demonstrations of warbirds and other exhibits.



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          Logistics for Tom's Farm Run

          Hi Gert,

          If we made you the first car out, you would make it to Tom's Farm by about 10:00 - 10:15 AM. You could get a bite to eat and then leave by 10:45 or 11:00. Tom's Farm is located right next to the 15 Freeway, and you could make a quick get-away for Chino.

          Sound like a plan?


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            I'll be there! We can not leave you alone among the inferior cars like Ferraris or god forbid Maseratis.....8)
            If I can convince my wife to get up early she may come along....



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              Thanks Clark for the directions! Looks like I'll be there too. I'll probably follow Gert on over to the airshow as that's something I've wanted to see for years. See you Sunday :!:


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                Tom's Farm Run

                It'll be terrific to have a couple of RUNNERS amongst the the more plebeian machines!

                By all means, bring someone with you. The route instructions are provided in rally format - Very Clear and easy to follow (as a rallymaster, I've never enjoyed getting people lost). But you'll need someone to read them and communicate the turns and intersections. Also, there are questions posed along the route you'll need to answer (that's the competitive part). The answers will be found on signs visible from the roads you'll be driving on (and yes, you'll be able to find and read them at expected velocities!)

                See you Sunday!


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                  Clark, what do you mean? We need to work on this trip? :shock:



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                    No Time Clocks Necessary

                    Hi Gert,

                    Work, as in get your muscles in gear and turn out production? Work, as in caffeinate your brain so you don't fall asleep getting out a report or study? Not on your LIFE!! You'll be scurrying about on some of Riverside County's best sports car roads, using your keen powers of observation to answer a few questions! Here's a clue - What brand of racing gear is distributed by Racer Wholesale? "G-Force." Yes, that's the answer you'll put into one of the blanks. I don't know why the G-Force sign is posted on El Sobrante, but it is, and I used it.

                    See ya,


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                      Clark, just joking!

                      I have been doing quite a few such orientation rallies in good old Germany and enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately these good old days were some 30 years ago.

                      But I am looking forward for some new fun!



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                        The antibiotics is making me too dizzy to drive something as nimble as a Caterham. Commuting in a boat like the 350Z is OK, but I would probably put myself, and others, at risk if I showed up in the Seven. No Sunday blat for me in other words. Sorry.

                        The oral surgery went well, and I now admire my new hamster look, which I hopefully will lose as the swelling goes down. I will not wear a helmet for a few weeks, though, since its pressure points are right on the surgery area on the upper teeth.

                        /Magnus F.


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                          GERT & ROSIE WON!!

                          Gert and Rosie won first prize at our Breakfast Run to Tom's Farm! I'd like to congratulate them on their diligence, resourcefulness and keen sense of observation. It took all these qualities and more to score as as highly as they did and to conquer this competitive crowd!!

                          Gert, I'll bring your 1st Prize to Buttonwillow.

                          Best wishes,


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                            Wow, I did not know there was a prize to win. And then in spite of the incorrect answer with the "No Stopping At Any Time" (a mean one, that...) and the qeustion about a TV show that I never heard of. It is somewhat counter-intuitive with a Seven but if you drive a little slower there was a good chance to catch most of the other questions.

                            We really appreciate it and had a great time. Thanks for your effort to put it together and count us in if you do it again.

                            After the rally we made it to the Chino airshow somewhat in time. Fortunately the parking lot volunteer did not have us park on the dusty cornfield but sent us to the VIP lot :P .

                            They had some good demonstration flights wit very rare equipment. It is not that often you can see two dozen or more warbirds ready to fly on a runway and a whole squad in the air. Temperature was quite on the hot side, though :roll: