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Update? How did the streets event go?

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  • Update? How did the streets event go?

    I'm 3000 miles from my seven, so I could not attend this weekend, but I'd love to know how it went. What happened? Did Magnus finally get the best of Brad? or vice versa? :!: :shock:

    Waiting for some pics too...:mrgreen:

    Tom "ELV15" Jones

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    I had fun

    We could only make it for a couple of hours but had a great time. Even without the Seven I got out on the track. Awesome day. Gave me lots of encouragement to get the Seven mobile again. Forgot to take some photos.


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      Yeah, sorry, no photos from me either. It was a nice track weekend even with all the car trouble I had (clutch slipping, exhaust broken and pulley lost). But at least I got out on the track half of the time and enjoyed my newest engine tweak :P

      For the final judgement about Brad's and Magnus' car I believe we need to do an accelerometer shootout. As for the track performance including driver it would be as easy as taking some lap times. But I think we got too busy to do that....Or maybe Clark has some record of lap times?



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        The supercharged beast of Mr. Magnus Feuer performed so poorly that his very own bride asked to drive MY car. That says it all.... 8)


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          We had 12 cars Saturday (a record here?) so we had our own run group the whole weekend. It was a bit windy and cool Saturday but not enough to hamper our fun, and Sunday was perfect! Quite a few of the other drivers were interested in our Sevens and we probably all got lots of questions. Matt and Rachael, prospective owners, made the trip up from San Diego on Sunday just to look at all our cars, and hopefully got a ride Sunday afternoon (I left at lunch break). I can't wait till next time!


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            Twelve cars actually on the track is our new record. Three additional cars were planning to participate, but ran into various technical difficulties just before the weekend (almost had 15!!). At least 3 cars had two drivers.

            A few awards:

            Concours car: A tie between Stan and Randy, in my view.

            Rookie drivers doing well: Barbara, Chris, Martin, Stan, Randy

            Sportsman of the meet: The one and only Clark, arriving without car and enriching the good times for all present. Some points deductefd for choosing to dine with a LeMans winner rather the 7ers @ Golden Cantina.

            Best Brit style of dress: Tim with a collared shirt and V-neck sweater under his mechanics coveralls.

            Biggest _____, measured by HP: Jon or Magnus?

            Most personalized 7 mods: Dr. Gert, as always.

            Long distance delivery: Joe & Randy

            Wife BEATS Hubby Award: Miwako!!


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              Here ya go Tom:

              In order: Brad & car, Magnus "Cheater Slicks n Blower" & car and John & car:

              (that's Tim walking towards John & Doug in his car)

              Here's a photo the track sales photographer took of me n car coming out of the skidpad corner:

              Some conga line action. In order the cars are M Bedard, Magnus, John Stokes, me, Brad:

              Here Magnus & John Stokes have switched spots:

              Having our own run group was the best.

              And here are all (or almost all) of the fastest and best drivers on Earth recounting their heroic tales:

              L to R: Doug, Martin (behind Magnus), Magnus, Bedard, Tim (back to camera), me, Chris, John & Clark (whose car couldn't be there):

              Same arena, same lions. Or, rather, same ring, same clowns?:

              A big thanks to John is in order for his hospitality and generosity. Very liberal application of sauce and smoke makes one so much quicker after the fact, and it made a nice desert for all that Cosworth Powered dust I ate all weekend long (sooo nice to see that car running on-track finally!).

              There were more cars on Sat. but a number of folks only did one day or buggered (we can spell that out here w/out the ***s because nobody in America actually knows what bugger means...) off early on Sunday.[/b]

              Btw, it wasn't just guys out there. Miwako, Barb and Locost's wife (sorry, I didn't get their names) all took time to drive.
              A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                Our Weekend in the Desert

                Hey guys and gentle ladies,

                I hope you won't mind a little plagiarizing and photo stealing. If it's okay with everybody in attendance, I'd like the opportunity and chronicle our gathering for Low Flying!

                But no more Mr. Nice Guy next time. I'll be back on track, and that's a promise. Can't wait!

                - Best wishes,


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                  Do it!


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                    What a great turnout for this event! Sounds like everyone had a great time. It's super that so many new folks came out for it...soon they will have se7ens too! :mrgreen:

                    Chris, Thanks a bunch for the pics! I'm feeling better already. 8)


                    Tom "ELV15" Jones


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                      I had a great time meeting everybody and seeing the sevens in action! I got a ride in Martin's car and Rachel rode in Magnus' car. Thanks a lot guys, it was loads of fun!

                      The sun was shining on Sunday and I did get a bit of a sunburn. I should have put on sunblock or at least worn a hat! Unfortunately being thick headed does not provide much protection from the sun. :roll:


                      -edited to fix my crummy spelling.


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                        Thanks to all of you for a great event!

                        This time it was less nerves and even more fun than last time.

                        Additional pics available in the photo album at
                        Feel free to upload your own images of the event.

                        Miwako also stiched together a photo showing the entire track with a majority of the cars shown in several positions:

                        (She made the border areas between the composite images visible by choice.)

                        Clark, Brad and I are cooking up a plan for getting us on the way to racing licenses. I'll keep you posted in the Club Development forum.

                        /Magnus F.


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                          Miwako, GREAT JOB on putting the large photo together!!! It shows all sorts of interesting stuff!!! 8)


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                            Matt S.: You ready?? 8)


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                              I'm hooked. Now I've got to get my own stinkin' seven!