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One week to first NASA NORCAL Sevens Challenge event

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  • One week to first NASA NORCAL Sevens Challenge event


    I know most of you are heading to a different event, but some are coming our way too:

    Just a little over one week to go until the first NASA Norcal Sevens Challenge event is here! I am looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing about all the improvements folks have made to their cars over the winter. I THINK my car is ready (still need tires, new annual inspection), unfortunately my new trailer that was supposed to be here two or three weeks ago has still not arrived!

    How is everyone else doing in preparation?

    I intend to have a Sevens only parking area in the paddock. I can't say where yet, but hopefully I will be there before the gates close Friday night so I can grab us a spot. How many cars will be showing up (not just those playing on the track, but those who just want to come hang out too)?

    If folks would like to, I would like to arrange for a potluck lunch on Saturday and Sunday. I know Michael T. has volunteered to supply Bratwurst for lunch on Saturday. That leaves water and sodas, bread, condiments, chips and munchies, and side dishes open for Saturday and everything open for Sunday. Please feel free to volunteer for what you would like to supply! I will volunteer for chips and sodas. Remember, NASA will have their Saturday night cookout for all participants!

    Let me know who has what plan!


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    Hi Dave,
    Can you post the dates of the Nasa event so there is no confusion? My car is under build but nowhere near ready to join you. I just might take a ride up on my Caterham yellow Ducati to see you all.