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Timezone/clock problem kind of fixed.

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  • Timezone/clock problem kind of fixed.


    I've corrected the time zone we are in, but it seems like the phpbb forum does not recognize daylight saving time. So the time zone is now set to GMT-7, which is one hour off.

    You should update the zone used by your account by clicking at the profile menu item at the top of the page and adjust the time zone to GMT-7.

    Sorry about that...

    /Magnus F.

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    Time zone woes.

    Oh dear.

    PhpBB does not handle DST, which means that the clock will be one hour off during summer time. I will keep my opinion on this bug very quiet, since UNIX provides excellent DST management routines for anyone who is awake enough to use them in their program....

    I'll set the time zone to the correct GMT-8. Update your preferences as well if you want to.

    /Magnus F.