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AROSC TT at California Speedway - March 19 & 20

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  • AROSC TT at California Speedway - March 19 & 20

    The Alfa Romeo Owners of Southern California is hosting a Time Trial on one of the very large California Speedway parking lots the weekend of March 19 & 20. I've sent my entry in and it would be great to have some Caterham company! They've run this event before, and the track is a kick, and very challenging to drive (actually, more fun than the infield track), ideally suited to the quickness of a Caterham. This event will be on a coned track, about one and a half miles long, with many turns and plenty of challenges for the driver.
    This all happens less than two weeks from today! If you're interested, more information is available at the AROSC website:
    You can send your entries in to Terry Watson--either email them to him at:
    [email protected]
    or send them in by US mail to:
    C/o Terry Watson
    PO Box 1632
    Manhattan Beach, CA 90267[/url]

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    I'm considering signing up. Looking over the application, I know I would need to do the Time Trial Novice School each day so I could get the Time Trial license. I can't tell from the application if the $40 school fee is in addition to the registration fee ($200) or in place of it? Also, it looks like there is classroom instruction in the morning, then follow-the-leader laps at lunch. Do the novices then do time trial laps in the afternoon? Finally, do you still do tech inspections? Thanks!


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      AROSC TT Answers

      Hi Stan,

      Thanks for your interest. If this is your introduction to AROSC events, you will most likely be placed in Run Group 3 and also be required to attend their Novice Time Trial group training (usually when Group 1 is on-track). One great thing about the Alfa Club is they don't charge any extra for the additional help the Novice drivers get, your $200 entry fee covers it. With your entry in Novice Time Trial, you'll have full access to the track with no special controls on your driving other than your own good common sense, courtesy, and of course the flag marshalls. The noontime paced lapping is for the Intro Group. For $40 they get an hour each day of paced lapping on the track plus classroom sessions to go over the very basics of track driving. I often attend their classroom sessions - a lot of good information and feedback comes out of these.

      Regarding Tech., I 'm qualified to perform the inspections for AROSC, and if you'd like, will do so the morning of the event for you. You're also welcome to visit any of the tech inspectors listed in the event application. Sometimes advance inspections are preferable, as they give you time to correct any problems that are found, e.g., brake lights that don't shine!

      Looking forward to running with another (bunch of??) Seven(s)!


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        Thanks Clark. I was confusing the Intro group with the novice class thinking they were one in the same, but now I see the difference!

        I also see there is a local tech inspector (Rick Lee in Hesperia) I can use in advance so I have time to correct any problems before the event.

        I'll decide tonight after talking with the family to see if anything else is planned for that weekend.