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Possible Dates for SoCal Dyno Days

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  • Possible Dates for SoCal Dyno Days

    For all folks that are interested in the Dyno Day(s) (see also previous posts):

    Looks like we get enough people together to have at least a single day event, maybe if we can get more on board even the 2-day thing (e.g. some advertising at the LASAAC event). I talked with Woody about possible weekends and we came up with following list:

    آ· 4/23 & 4/24
    آ· 4/30 & 5/1
    آ· 5/7 & 5/8 (careful, Mother’s Day)
    آ· No other dates in May possible
    آ· 6/4 & 6/5
    آ· 6/11 & 6/12 (this is the NASA Buttonwillow track day)
    آ· 6/18 & 6/19

    Please reply to this post with a list of the dates you have available in your schedule (and if definite or tentative) and I will try to figure out the choice that allows all or most people to come. I will also work out a questionnaire with Woody about cars and engines, so that Woody and Larry know what to expect and possibly what equipment to bring along.


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    I can make all the dates listed except May 7-8 (wife's birthday and mother's day) and June 18-19 (daughter's dance recital and father's day).


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      Dyno at AROSC in Fontana - March 19 & 20

      Dave Evans will bring his dyno on a trailer to the AROSC Time Trial at California Speedway the weekend of March 19 & 20. It's interesting and a lot of fun to see what your car will do on the rollers! Dave is also excellent with his engine tuning advice and has helped many to sort out their jetting, timing and engine mapping issues.


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        The April and May dates overlaps my upcoming Japan trip.

        These days will work out for me:

        آ· 6/4 & 6/5
        آ· 6/11 & 6/12 (this is the NASA Buttonwillow track day)
        آ· 6/18 & 6/19

        /Magnus F.


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          Including some e-mail response this is already 3 votes for June only. as well as 2 don't care votes. Looks like we should can the April and May weekends. But anyway, keep it coming...


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            It's gotta be June for me, if I can make that. May's a goner.
            A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted