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  • NASA Norcal Se7ens Challenge Series


    I am new to your group, but know quite a few of the regular posters (Gert, Woody). Anyway, I am the coordinator for the NASA Norcal Se7ens Challenge Series. We are kicking off the year on April 9 and 10 at Infineon. I wanted to make sure you guys were aware of the event and welcomed. I noticed that a lot of you are attending an event at the Streets of Willow on the same date, so hopefully you can make the next event.

    Please go to the website and look at the calendars for the NORCAL region. You will find a calendar of our events for the Se7ens Challenge series.

    Also, if you are interested, join the nasa se7ens challenge series group at Yahoo groups.

    Finally, please know these events are meant to be all inclusive and not just for racers. We want to get as many Se7ens together as possible on a given weekend. We have dedicated Se7ens HPDE instructors to help bring folks up through the ranks, we have Se7ens specific Time Trial classes and Se7ens race groups.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


    Dave Harris
    NASA Norcal Se7ens Challenge Series
    [email protected]

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    Hi Dave,
    thanks for the invitation! It's just that most of the events are so darn far north....maybe a reason to move to Northern California sometimes.

    Anyway, is the Sevens Challenge going to come to SoCal sometimes? Maybe for Buttonwillow event 6/11&12 or Willow Springs on 7/9&10 ?



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      I would definitely like to make it to one of your events this year or next. The 11-12 hour tow is a bit of a negative. You couldn't keep me out of events @ Buttonwillow, Willow Springs, Fontana and maybe Laguna Seca.

      We think that 15-20 se7en type cars will appear for the Shelby Club event in April @ the Streets of Willow. More than 30 cars have been invited. There seem to be quite a few cars around and we are finding more all the time.

      Do you have a 7 owners Email list that you might share with us? We are always trying to get more cars owners and prospective car owners involved. These events are truly one of the very best ways to enjoy 7 ownership: Hanging out with the rest of the lunatic fringe car guys that are willing to take the plunge on a 7!!!

      With the paucity of 7 dealers and their tendency to exit from the dealership business after a few years we have become our own support group. It's great to be able to talk with other 7 owners if you have a problem or just want to tinker with or modify your car. All forms of get togethers encourage the sharing of knowledge and further light the fires of the 7 passion. 8)