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  • SoCal Dyno-Day Tally

    I talked with Woody Harris of MSI today about his proposal for the SoCal Dyno Days (here) and volunteered to try and organize the local effort. That means first to get a picture if we have enough people to make it cost-effective for the participants and interesting for MSI.

    This is the idea:

    - MSI would come down south with some equipment for one or two days on a weekend. Woody negotiated with a dyno operator in the area of West Los Angeles who has professional equipment for racing-oriented cars at a reasonable rate. He also contacted Focus Central in Tehachapi (the place Brad mentioned) but their dyno is not in good shape right now. IMO West LA is a decent central place for the LA folks. I know it is less convenient for San Diegans but maybe we can double the fun and make this a blatting time for the people who are not on the dyno. It is close to the Malibu Canyons for the “before-afterâ€‌ comparison.

    - The total price tag we would need to cover (including MSI cost and the dyno) is $4000 for two days or alternatively $2500 for one day. That means if we can get 10 cars involved (2 days) the cost per car would be $400. If we have only 5 cars (1 day) the cost is $500 each. If we get odd numbers in between we will have to see how we can do it.

    - What we would get for this money is:
    ---- Full mapping/tweaking of the engine with dyno and
    wideband Lambda meter
    ---- Documented dyno run
    ---- Corner-weighting and adjustment
    ---- Advice on whatever you want to ask the guys

    - Since Woody and Larry are here anyway we also get a free evening to use them (almost) any way we want. In the worst case that could be a bar exploration of Santa Monica Blvd. The better option would however be a seminar or technical discussion of our choosing. Possible topics could be e.g.: engine mapping and adjustment, engine building, suspension setup and optimization or even race driving techniques. Woody has some 20 or 30 years of professional racing and race car building experience and is instructor for NASA and the Porsche Club. We would still need to figure out where to have the seminar (anybody with a conference room in this area?)

    - If there are other people interested in such a seminar but not in the dyno/mapping activity we could have a moderate seminar fee to lower the cost.

    I did not talk with Woody about how to handle the payment but I guess a certain credit card deposit for registering and remaining payment at the event should work.

    I would appreciate if everybody who is interested in the dyno event or the seminar or both at the cost and place mentioned above responds to me on this thread so that I can get a tally. If we find enough interest, the next step would be to identify a weekend where most everybody is actually available.

    Just for fun I have also activated the voting feature.



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    I'm interested in the whole enchilada, subject to that weekend working in concert with the rest of my life and doing the modifications I want to make to the car before going on the dyno. 8)


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      I am interested in the whole enchilada.


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        What Brad said, 2nded.

        I need to corner weigh the car before The Streets, and check the alignment as well.

        I was supposed to have some new bits but they haven't quite made it yet.
        A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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          Since I have a stock Ford Contour ECU, I realize I can't do a mapping session. But I have a novice question - would a dyno run be of any benefit to me? I not familiar enough with dynos to know what information I can get from a run. I will definitely come for the corner balancing and tech/race/beer session at a minimum, and maybe they can give my car a quick looking over to make sure everything is ok from a safety standpoint.


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            I love enchiladas, but I'm still saving for a seven!
            - Sean


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              Well, beginning to look promising......keep it coming!



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                Stan, obviously you can not change your maps (I believe). But at least you can check if the maps that come with the stock ecu are good for your engine/injectors/pressure regulator. And you can get a plot of the actual engine performance.



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                  OK, so you can put me down for a dyno run too. In other words, the whole enchilada but no sour cream! :lol: