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MSI Motorsport "SoCal Dyno Days"

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  • MSI Motorsport "SoCal Dyno Days"

    Based on our experience here at MSI Motorsport and judging from the soul-searching that goes on in this group regarding mapping and driveability issues, we thought we would “think out loudâ€‌ regarding an MSI Motorsport Se7ens oriented “SoCal Dyno Days.â€‌ While we feel we can help a lot of you optimize your cars, and we have done so for several of you, we also realize that we are a long way away for most and at best it is very inconvenient to come here. Hence, the mountain will come to Mohammed. The idea would be for us to conduct two days worth of dyno/mapping sessions over a weekend. We are negotiating with an LA area business that can provide a good dyno facility. We would show up with our motor home and 24’ trailer loaded with toys for good boys and girls. Sorry, that’s a different gig. Anyway, we would show up with the tools and parts we need to support a mapping/tech weekend. While one of us is mapping, another one of us could be helping with alignment, set-up, corner weighting, or whatever else we can help with. Sat. evening might include a dinner seminar discussing whatever you want to hear about from tech subjects to driving, tires, use of tire pyrometers, racing or???

    For planning purposes, we would limit the mapping work to Zetec or Duratec powered cars with MBE, Emerald, or Pectel ECU based systems.

    If enough are interested, we would like to bring the per-car cost somewhat below what it might cost someone by themselves while still affording a reasonable return for us. For us, an added benefit is the possibility to meet many of you face-to-face for the fist time. Our experience has been that those who have gotten their car to run and handle properly, enjoy the car more, get out it more often and thus have more fun and a better life. Could be a real fun weekend. What say you?

    Input and suggestions are welcome.

    Woody Harris
    MSI Motorsport
    742 E. Main St.
    Vacaville, CA 95688
    [email protected]

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    This is an excellent idea. We've been talking about doing just this for quite some time, but no one has gotten his ass in gear to actually do something.

    If we get 10 cars together for this, do you have any idea what the per-car cost would be?

    /Magnus F.


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      Wow, sounds like a great idea and a generous offer!

      While my Birkin has a stock Ford ECU and I couldn't participate in the mapping session, I would love to do suspension setup, corner weights, etc.
      Name the place and time and I'll be there.

      I just got my beefed-up lower A-arms/ball joints back from Woody and the workmanship is outstanding. I should be back on the road this weekend!



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        I'm in, and may be able to bring another set of scales.



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          Woody, As you might suspect, I'm very interested and quite willing to plan my life around it. There is a good dyno facility here in San Diego @ JBA, a Ford performance company. Their dyno can be rented for about $70 per hour with an operator. I would need some lead time to get a few mods done prior to being dyno ready. Thank you for thinking of us southern lads!!! 8)


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            Oh yeah, but PLEASE can everybody hang in until I get my engine back together and basically running (hopefully early March....). The parts are on their way.

            If so, Woody: do you have a carb play set to try out different jets if needed with my new FZ2002 cams?

            If necessary I would come to Dan Diego for that but honestly I would prefer a somewhat closer venue (sorry Brad :roll: )


            P.S. : Greetings from Speyer, Germany (only a few miles from Hockenheim Race Track)! Weather is pretty shitty here.


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              Originally posted by slomove
              If necessary I would come to Dan Diego for that but honestly I would prefer a somewhat closer venue (sorry Brad :roll: )
              So I guess there is no point in me suggesting that we do this in Seattle instead? :cry:

              Westfield SEiW
              2.0L Duratec
              Throttle Steer


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                John: If you could arrange for covered transport for our cars and a private catered railcar to get us lads there and back in some style I suspect that we could work some thing out. As an alternative a chartered ship for us and our 7s might also be acceptable, subject to our inspection. 8) Mind you, I don't want to commit the other lads to anything too spartan without their say so...


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                  Would air transport also be an acceptable option? After all, Boeing is just around the corner from here, and I do know some people, who know some people. I bet with a few strategically purchased beers I could get my hands on a transport plane for a weekend.
                  Westfield SEiW
                  2.0L Duratec
                  Throttle Steer


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                    How do the stewardesses look?


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                      Hey, can we please get back to the topic :wink:

                      I think Woody mentioned an LA based business he is checking out.

                      Failing that maybe we can find one in Palmdale/Lancaster and maybe available April 8th? :roll:



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                        I can probably find a local dyno here in Orange County.
                        That would even out the distance for all those San Diego boys.

                        /Magnus F.


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                          Focus Central in Tehachapi, a bit northwest of Willow Springs, has a dyno. They also specialize in modifying zetec motors. Heads, cams valves, etc. A 223HP @ the rear wheels motor is about 5 grand. Sounds like an interesting bunch of guys up there in the desert. And they already do some stuff for Woody. 8)


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                            Progress report

                            Hi All,

                            Just want to let you know we haven't dropped the ball (yet). We are currently in negotiation with three SoCal dyno/tech facilities and we'll let you know as soon as we have a deal that will hopefully make sense to everyone.



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                              dyno day

                              Thanks Woody,

                              I'm in northern cal, but I'm interested too. (good excuse to drive down the coast!). :D
                              Tom "ELV15" Jones