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Mark your calendars for the Streets of Willow Shelby Club

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  • Mark your calendars for the Streets of Willow Shelby Club

    That's right boys and girl(Miwako), we're goin' back for more!!!! April 9 & 10. Last time we had 14 sevens and this time we want more. Mario said that if we get enough 7s we can have our own run group and have exclusive use of the garage for overnight storage. This date has not yet been posted on the website, so it's a little early to sign up, but you're all on a need to know basis.

    Those of you who attended the September event and weren't able to drive: Run out and get yourself a helmet to maximize the fun.

    Cars we'd like to see: Soareyes, Venom7, Ronbo, Jeff Reid, Bud Darling, Gene T, David L, Thwagmostar, Mike McA, wjokon, Tony Griffiths and anyone else with a 7 or interest in getting one. Passenger sessions occur a few times a day for those who want to get an idea of what the heck we're doing out there.

    And a guy we'd really like to see is Mr. SF Law, Michael Murphy, if you're up for the long pull. I'll buy you the first Fosters if you make it!!

    I'm going to pull up an earlier thread on these events for the review and perusal of anyone interested to know more.

    Rental 7s may be available for those that want to get their feet wet.

    Please try to let me know, if you are planning to attend, on this thread. The more cars that we know are coming the better perks we can get from Mario & Bruce. Their's is a great organization to track day with and they even have English cars with american iron to joust with: Cobras. Of course they are a lot slower than our 7s on the track!!!

    Hoping to see a lot of you there! And please bring any friends that are interested in 7s/sports cars. 8)

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    I'll plan to be there, with my car this time! :lol:


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      Count me in!!!
      Dave Ganzer
      [email protected]
      [email protected]
      805-527-6089 h


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        I will be in Switzerland the week before. But I will try hard to be back for the event (and have my engine together by then). Imagine if we could get 20 cars......



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          Me too!! We probably can't get 20 without you, Dr. Gert!! But that is now gonna be our goal!! 8)


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            I'll try to make it. I want to show off my remapped engine, now that it runs on all 4 cylinders. It flies. Failing that, I will come to Buttonwillow in May.

            I am going to Infineon next weekend for the NASA HPDE event. I'll post news of the turnout.


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              There's a very high degree of likelihood that I'll be there: helmutt (woof woof), shoes and all.

              And, also very likely, w/ some spanking new bits in place too.
              A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                Michael: Please tell us more about your trip to dyno. Was the car actually not running on all cylinders? What sort of mileage are you now getting? Could you describe the "new" performance vs. the former? Do you know what changes were made to your maps? I'm especially interested in the ignition map and what sort of changes were made and in which direction (advance or retard)? Do you have a pectel T2?

                My car has been to dyno 4 times on three different dynos and I never felt like the dyno operator had much understanding of what the ECU was supposed to do or how to program it really well to take advantage of all that it will do!! They understand pumping a lot of fuel through so that drag racers don't blow up their motors too easily; but the wide range of RPMs coupled with acceleration AND deceleration experienced by road racers seems to mystify the ones that I've met.

                Sorry about the lengthy interrogatory in the first paragraph-----you probably OD on those at least 5 days a week. Well, I hope that you get to decompress with us @ the Streets in April!! Brad


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                  Chris - don't spank your new bits too hard until they are properly run in.

                  Brad - I'll be happy to share my limited knowledge of what happened on the dyno. In short, I don't know what the new map looks like. I was not present for the tuning session and I cannot make the Pectel software run on my laptop, so I am unable to view the map. I am running a T2. Woody Harris did the tuning at his shop in Vacaville. Woody is familiar with zetecs and the pectel ECU. I think he deleted the old map, loaded a new one, and then tweaked. The old map was junk - the engine ran like crap below 5000 rpm. Now it pulls strongly from low revs and runs smoothly. Woody would not quote a hp figure because, he says, his dyno is not accurate enough, but he thinks it pulls like a 200 hp engine (which is what it is supposed to be). Suffice to say that I no longer feel that I need to run the engine past 6000 rpm to crack a smile.

                  I was very pleased with Woody's service, the state of the engine and the price he charged (which was 20% below the estimate he quoted). All in all, a happy camper.

                  If I can get my pectel software running I'll be happy to compare map notes... seems to be a problem with my operating system as I have tried to load three different versions of the software.


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                    Our esteemed webmaster, Magnus, will be able to download your map @ the streets. I think that my map could also stand to be tweaked. Hoping that you are enjoying SF and meeting the NoCal 7ers. 8)


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                      The application is now available @ Click on contents and then on 2005 events. The app can be found there.

                      Good news: Last time the cost was $165, now the cost is $150.!! Mine goes in tomorrow. You can be sure that I'll soon be bugging many of you with Emails to sign up. Last time out we had 14 sevens, this time we are shooting for twenty. A SoCal record??

                      These weekends are the most fun I have with my 7 every year. Come along if you haven't previously attended and find out why. 8)


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                        I'll sign up as soon as I get back to the States, which should be in the beginning of Feb.

                        /Magnus F.


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                          I have a conflict that weekend with the PCA-SDR Performance Driving School, at which I am committed to be Tech Chair and instruct, so I won't be joining you at SOW (again).

                          Tom Tweed
                          \'67 911S (been in my family since new)
                          \'73 911E (R Gruppe #232)
                          \'78 LeGrand Mk.18 DSR
                          WCM S2K Ultralite (SCCA Solo2 D-Mod car)
                          1991 Miata (SO\'s daily driver)
                          2001 F-250 PSD (work truck and tow vehicle)


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                            I have now signed up!

                            Doug L reports that he is going back for more! I'm also hoping that David L will be making a first time appearance. He will be really fast on those cantilevered Hoosiers!!

                            Any others interested in some speedy 7 style fun?

                            Prospective owners that want to sample the Streets? 8)


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                              I will know more about my travel plans in April after I return from the next trip to our corporate headquarter friends in 3 weeks. Right now it looks 50/50 than I can come. Anyway, all assuming my engine is back together and re-tuned by then :shock: Right now the car is in bits and pieces :(