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L.A Shelby Club at Streets of Willow in June

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  • L.A Shelby Club at Streets of Willow in June

    I just received an email from the L.A. Shelby American Automobile Club (LASAAC) announcing their open track day on June 2nd at the Streets of Willow. How about it? Anyone interested? Way back in the early 2000's, these were the events that brought us together! Michael Bedard, Magnus Feuer, Doug Liedblad, Gert Berkhardt, Brad Underdahl, Michael Murphy, Chris Carter, Jon Stokes, Stan Sadorf, Woody Harris, William Sours, and I'm sure I've missed some - they're still circulating on my hard drive. We had some good times at the track plus heady discussions about zen, demon lines, and trick throttle bodies during cool-off laps at the Golden Corral Restaurant. I'm giving this some thought. How about some company?

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