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  • AROSC at Buttonwillow

    Is anyone considering attending the AROSC event at Buttonwillow the weekend of March 30 & 31?

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    I am not - prior commitments.
    | | Sean


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      Nope. My car is still broken, but AROSC puts on great events.


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        It's been awhile since my last track event; that was an AROSC enduro where I teamed with Michael Murphy in his Caterham. Michael's Seven was a beautiful car to drive! Doug Liedblad provided quick re-fueling and pit support.

        I've been thinking about what group to participate with. The AROSC got a little edgy there when they were teaming up with some of the other track promoters, particularly "Extreme Speed". I like the NASA format, and have heard good things about Speed Ventures, so I'd like to run with or visit some other group's events this year. Some people might remember when Roger Swift, the Chairman of the Lotus Seven Club of Great Britain came to California for a visit. We attended a NASA event at Buttonwillow where maybe ten Caterhams were in attendance. Roger gave me a trophy to be handed out to some lucky Seven participant on a perpetual basis - He said it was our choice for selection criteria. One thing led to another, but that trophy still sits in my garage and I'd like to pass it along. It would be terrific to get things rolling again!
        Best wishes,
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          I will be at my Aunt's 100th birthday party.

          Maybe the next one!