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  • NASA SoCal Schedule

    While we are suffering from the harsh California winter huddling around the fire something to look forward to: This is the tentative NASA trackday schedule for next year.

    2005 Socal Calendar
    February 12-13 Willow Springs
    March 12-13 California Speedway
    April 9-10 Buttonwillow
    May 21-22 Willow Springs
    June 11-12 Buttonwillow
    July 9-10 Willow Springs
    September 10-11 Willow Springs
    October 8-9 Buttonwillow
    November 12-13 Buttonwillow

    I am wondering to start the season with the California Speedway event in March. Anybody else interested? At least it is pretty close for most of us, even from San Diego.


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    One should assume that the plague has come to Southern California and killed all Seveners except me. No post for days, no reply on my trackday inquiry..... :(

    Come on guys, nobody interested in the California Speedway event??? You will never have it that close again!



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      I'm here!

      I'll be flying back to OC from Raleigh, NC today.

      A stupid newbie questions: What do I need to participate in NASA's events? Licenses. Equipment etc.

      /Magnus F.


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        Great, somebody is still alive!

        NASA requires helmet, rollbar, 3" wide harness, fire extinguisher, working car. Sign up is online a few weeks before the event. Tech can be done in advance at some places or at the track ($20).

        For NASA fist-timers you normally need to sign up with HPDE1, which is an instructor checks you out if you are not totally crazy, know the flags and the direction of traffic before you can go alone on the track.

        However, if you can state that you have done a bunch of track days already you can sign up HPDE2 (no instructor, passing rules like the Shelby Club but left or right. Passengers are always allowed!). That is what I am doing.

        If you want you can get checked out after a few rounds to proceed to HPDE 3 and 4 which is relaxed or no passing limits in a separate group. Surely more exciting and generally faster drivers, but of course with higher crash risk (ask Bo Elgby about the incident at Infineon).

        From HPDE4 you can work towards a racing license but then you need a different car (cage, fire system etc....).

        I like the NASA events. Well organized and a little more business-like than LASAAC but definitely more cars and also more expensive. Typically you get 3 or 4 sessions of 20 minutes per day. After each session there is a short review with the group supervisors and drivers who violated the rules or endangered others get their beating.



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          I'm a definite maybe!


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            I am targetting Button Willow in April for a return to So Cal. It's freezing up here.


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              Buttonwillow is also on my list but probably in June. I will be in Europe at the April event....I am also hoping for another Shelby Club track day later in April. Anyway, would be nice to meet again (maybe for the Sevens Festival?).