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NASA Sevens Festival, Rain and Fun

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  • NASA Sevens Festival, Rain and Fun

    Oh well, to make it short: it was not my favorite track day weekend but after all it was good fun and I will go again next year.

    Saturday it changed between drizzle, light rain and heavy rain. Fortunately I had the canopy with me and the car did not get soaking wet. The turnout was of course small with somewhere between 6 and 10 cars. The NASA instructors stressed the learning part of it and that we would learn more about car control on the wet track that we could ever learn on a dry track. So I learned feaverishly during the first wet track session but that did not prevent me from slipping in the second session. I spun once on the track, slid into the fresh mud and spun another time. I don't think I was pushing too hard but the rear end suddenly broke loose. Maybe it was the wet clay from other spin-outs or the oil somebody had spread all around the track in an earlier session.

    No permanent damage done and thanks to my new LSD I made it out of the muck on own power. A minor nuisance was of course the decoration of my car (including cockpit and myself) with a few generously spread pounds of wet clay and gravel. Well, nothing that can not be removed with a pressure washer and some rags. I only regret that I forgot to take a picture of the mess.

    Bo Elgby, a Caterham owner was not that lucky. He was hit by an out-of-control divebomber and had some serious damage to the rear end of his car. This is bad enough but was made worse by the offending driver (who was found clearly at fault by NASA and as documented on car video) declining responsibility. The guy may be banned for life from all racing clubs, which is good, but that does not help Bo a lot.

    Due to the cleanup effort I missed the 3rd session (still raining, anyway) but then the sun came out, dried up the track and the last session was a blast. Same for the 2 morning sessions on Sunday that I could do before going back to LA. I also had some nice chat with the other Seven guys out there.

    What I learned: A Seven is definitely a handful on a wet track, even with decent road tires :)


    P.S.: You other folks from SoCal who chickened out are all wimps :wink:

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    One more thing: Have a look here .



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      Hi All,

      FWIW: I've posted my pictures from the event here:


      Tom "ELV15" Jones


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        Thanks Tom, great pics! I had my camera with me but I was not in the mood to take any in the rain on Saturday and forgot Sunday....



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          The picture of Woody & Steve's race car shows that they have reversed the front cycle fenders - a low tech way to achieve aerodynamic improvements similar to the extended fenders on the new Caterham.
          Nice photos, thanks Mr Pie Rat.