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Magnus get out of town potluck BBQ - JULY 26 2.00pm

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  • Magnus get out of town potluck BBQ - JULY 26 2.00pm

    If he has the time we should give him and his family a picnic.

    I'll bring the smoke bombs.

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    I'm in, but I only have 1 weekend off in Jul (10, 11, 12) as I'll be getting married the following week and be gone on our honeymoon. Hopefully, it's 1 of those days


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      Can I take it that the much rumored Magnus is getting out of town is going to happen?

      I have been contemplating a Southern California CCC get together anyway.

      If the Rumor is true what is the timing?


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        I will leave the selection of dates up to Magnus.

        Magnus, are you interested and do you have the time?

        If we do it at your place we can help pack.


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          Then again, 30 miles east of Seattle sounds a lot like Issaquah, where rallies and stuff exist. And good food. Maybe CA Caterham builds a road trip.


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            Russ, I think you are responding to my post in the other Magnus-is-leaving thread. I'll respond there.

            Westfield SEiW
            2.0L Duratec
            Throttle Steer


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              If there is to be a goodbye party, it will be a general BBQ on Sunday July 26 (sorry Van).

              However, that is a big if and depends a lot if we find a house when we go up to Portland to scout next week.

              I'll keep you posted.

              /Magnus F.


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                Ok July 26 at 2PM it is.

                Please bring either a side dish, a dessert, or some meat/veggies to BBQ.

                RSVP here together with the type of dish you will bring, and I'll hijack Doug's top post.

                PM Me if you want need my address/phone number.

                /Magnus F.
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                  I'll do everything I can to be there.
                  Tentatively, I will bring bratwurst to grill.



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                    I will be there.

                    Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce?


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                      I will be there which is good because I started the thread.

                      Nancy too and we will bring our own stuff to BBQ.

                      I don't think I will bring the Seven as it's all FREEWAY and will probably be HOT.



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                        Is there a "wish list" for what you would like friends to bring? We are planning to attend!


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                          Hayden says he will be there and perhaps his young bride as well.

                          Hopefully we will car pool.


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                            There is no direct wish list since the whole thing is more of a pot luck.

                            What you've suggested so far looks good. We'll buy beer and wine to supplement whatever drinks you bring.

                            I'm currently in Portland, scouting for a house to rent, and have an application in for the first one.

                            /Magnus F.


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                              Originally posted by magnusfeuer View Post
                              ....the whole thing is more of a pot luck.....
                              Who is going to bring the pot?