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SCS June 7th

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  • SCS June 7th

    I finally got the car back together and even polished it (first time in 5 years). So, we are going to the SCS on Sunday, maybe breakfast at Jasmine's in Newhall and return via Little Tujunga after that.

    Anybody else?

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    Wish I could make it- have to work sunday- sounds like a good day


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      Maybe but I have some tentative plans.


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        Where's this happening? I forget.


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          Originally posted by Scott E View Post
          Where's this happening? I forget.
          It's at Topanga Canyon Blvd. and Erwin St. Just go to Google Maps and search for "Supercar Sunday".
          | | Sean


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            What is the time window?
            Wide-body Birkin, 2.3l Duratec


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              I can't this Sunday due to family obligations. Next Sunday, however, I am free.

              /Magnus F.


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                Originally posted by Papak View Post
                What is the time window?
                7 am until 10-ish.


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                  We'll be there around 8:30, hang out for maybe 30-45 minutes and drive to Newhall after that, have breakfast at Jazmin's and come back via Placerita Canyon and Little Tujunga, maybe even add the Big Tujunga Angeles Crest Loop. Need to be back home at noon.


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                    Dang, my car is cursed. I made it only 1 mile on the Freeway. Then noticed that I have intermittent power when hitting the throttle. Like a cylinder is dropping out.
                    When that happens, the AFR reading gets unstable and I took the plugs out with No.1 a little more black around the edges but not horribly so.
                    Can that be an injector problem? Car was running last time in march and no problems, but also no changes since except the idler pulley. Frustrated.

                    Unfortunately I do not have a phone number for those who were wondering to show up and let them know this is not my day.